How to cheat your way to excellent, REAL eyebrows


Allergan makes Botox, and EVERYONE’S heard of Botox.

Allergan also makes Latisse, and lots of people know about Latisse too. (You know you’ve hit main-stream if is parodying you.)

You know why Allergan’s products are so common-place in the beauty world, and why so many people have heard of them before?


There are a lot of options for eyelash growth, but Latisse is the fastest and most effective. Latisse can acheive miraculous wonders for eyelashes, making them drastically thicker, darker and longer within only a few months.

But, Latisse can also benefit the other important hair-patches on your face too… your eyebrows. No matter the reason (you want thicker eyebrows due to years of over-plucking, because you naturally have thin, sparse eyebrows, heck — maybe you have normal eyebrows, but a serious girl-crush on Lily Collins and her brows), Latisse can ensure quicker, thicker eyebrow growth.

latisse eyebrow philly

Incorporating Latisse into your beauty routine is easy-peasy (and more beneficial now than ever, but more on that below). If you own Latisse, why not let it beautify both your lashes and your brows? You can do so without using one more drop of product. To apply Latisse, you wet the tip of a small brush with as little product as possible to trace the lashline of both eyes. Once your eyes are treated, take that same brush and run it through your brows, the excess product is all that’s needed to help your grow your brows big and strong, plus you just cut down on Latisse waste too. (Score!)

Spring is a time of rebirth, and to help in the production of new lashes and brows, Allergan is currently running a limited-time BOGO Latisse offer. It’s a no-brainer, and 2-kits will allow you to get maximum results. (Interested? Call us! 215-923-5001)

Here’s a little bold-brow inspo:

bold brow phillybeautiful brow philly