How to get perfect brows

It is crazy how much power eyebrows have over the rest of your face: beautifully defined brows really can transform your appearance.

The right eyebrow shape and definition can truly make you look more polished, balance out your features, and frame your eyes.

  • Brows that are are too thin or uneven aren?t flattering on anyone. A professional brow expert can help you get the right brow shape for your face.
  • Once you have established a shape that you like, you can keep it up on your own by tweezing hairs as they grow back in.
  • Professional quality tweezers are designed to capture even the smallest hairs and are worth the investment.
  • Define your brows by filling them in with eye shadow in the same tone as your hair or brow color. If you have black hair go with a slightly softer shade like a dark ash brown, or a deep brown black. If you are blonde, keep brows lighter but in the same tone as your hair.
  • To fill brows in use a thick angled brush. Start from the inner corner of your brows and brush straight up. For the rest of the brow, brush up and over and work your way from the inner corner through the arch and on to the end with light strokes, filling in any gaps with powder.
  • If you still have bare spots, try filling them in with an eye pencil in the same tone as your hair or brows, and set with the powder shadow.
  • ?To tame unruly brows, try a clear brow shaper after color application.