How to: Get Wedding-Perfect Skin

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The days are getting longer, warmer, and sunnier, with flowers budding all around. Puppies seem to profilerate the dog-parks, and bachelorette parties are occurring en masse. These signs collectively can only point to one thing: sping is here, and wedding season is upon us! As a plethora of brides (and grooms!) gear up for their big day, they obviously each hope to look and feel their best on this momentous occasion.

In order to be picture perfect in time for their nuptials, preparation for wedding-perfect skin should begin long before the ceremony (and due to the amount of photographs being taken, continue throughout the honeymoon).

About Face Skin Care is in love with love and wants everyone to always feel their best — especially for a fairy-tale occasion. In order to help with any wedding skin planning, everything needed for perfect wedding prep (and the appropriate timeline as well) is laid out here.

3-6 Months Before Wedding:

For an ideal complexion, you should have your consultation and get your skin game-plan in order with plenty of time before your big day. Fraxel laser treatments can significantly tighten pores, lighten discoloration, and refine skin texture, however you need to make sure that this treatment is not done too close to the big day as there is downtime required after the treatment.

Another popular wedding-prep treatment is a series of chemical peels. Chemical peels are less intense than Fraxel treatments, while still delivering some of the skin smoothing and perfecting results. (Your specific skin situation and goals will determine which route is best for you.) To get the full results from chemical peels, they should be done in sets of 4-6. After the regimen is done, significantly smoother, glowier skin will be revealed.

One of the most highly requested pre-wedding treatments is Botox Cosmetic. These injections erase crow?s feet and stubborn forehead wrinkles, allowing for extra perfect pictures. The results are temporary and usually last around 3-months, so in order to make sure you?ll have the ideal results for your wedding, you should do at least one trial run beforehand. Botox can take up to 2-weeks to fully kick-on, so once you?ve settle on the right treatment for your taste, you should make sure to get your wedding treatment a few weeks before the actual wedding date. (And, did you know that Botox can also be used to prevent under-arm sweating?)

TruSculpt treatments done at About Face are a painless way to reduce fat, tighten skin, and reduce cellulite. If your wedding attire allows for exposed arms or a defined waist, these treatments help you sculpt any body part you feel insecure about. (Additionally, if your honeymoon is taking place in a warm locale, this will allow you to feel extra confident in your bathing suit.)

Latisse is also a wedding-prep favorite. FDA-approved to grow lashes longer, darker, and thicker, they add an extra prettifying, feminine touch to the eyes. Maximum results take 4-months, so this is definitely something to start incorporating into your routine in advance of your wedding day.

wedding_day_phillyDay of Wedding Ceremony:

On the day of the wedding, make sure that your skin is prepped to look its best! To cheat your way to perfectly-perfect under-eyes, you can incorporate some Instantly Ageless into your makeup application. (This is a wonder product that instantly and dramatically smooths, tightens, and removes puffiness.) While the amazing results don?t last forever, this product is perfect to use for special events — and what event is more special than your wedding?!

For the rest of the face, use very simple, non-irritating products. Your wedding day is not the time to get experimental with your skin care, we recommend Porification Moisturizer as the perfect moisturizer to hydrate for perfect makeup application. (It?s light-weight, gentle, and will never clog pores.)


Apres Wedding (and Honeymoon):

On the honeymoon, no-fuss skin care products are a must! For this reason, we recommend the Makeup Eraser. It is simply a (hot-pink) cloth that you wet with water, and then when you rub it against your face it removes every stitch of makeup ? waterproof, gloopy, long-lasting, whatever, the Magic Eraser takes it off. (Bonus: because the cloth does it ALL, there are no additional makeup removing products you?ll have to bring with you. Also makes a perfect for a gift for bridesmaids!)

To pamper skin that might be stressed and dry, the SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Restorative Masque feels delicious (and can be enjoyed even while you?re in transit.)Apply the sheet masque to rehydrate and relax, and enjoy the refreshing sensation it provides!

Last but not least ? especially for a warm destination — don?t forget sunscreen! We are partial to Sun Bum?s SPF 50 Spray and About Face?s Porification Protect (SPF-50) for long days of basking in the sun (or touring Europe, or whatever adventure you might be on). Sun Bum?s formula is easy to use with an ultra-sheer, dry touch application, and About Face?s facial sunscreen has a moisturizing universal tint that blends in with any skin tone (and lets you not have to worry about applying makeup).

Best wishes for your happily ever after! xoxo