Is Brow-Art the new Nail-Art?

Intricate, decorative nails have certainly been having a moment, with countless Tumblr pages, Instagram pics, and Pinterest “pins” dedicated to new and novel manicure ideas. As with any trend though — there is a definite life-span before people start jumping onto the next new cool thing.

Is it possible that nails are coming down the home-stretch, and eyebrows/eyes are going to be the next outlet for unbridled creativity and expression?

Although we at About Face tend to steer more towards natural, face-flattering eye-brow shapes, you cannot deny that these works of eye-brow art are extremely impressive. Aside from having extremely good eye-sight and dexterity (she MUST if she can create such teeny-tiny masterpieces!), Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg has the head-start on “eye art”. (Even Katy Perry — famous nail-art devotee— is a fan of Tal’s eye designs.)

In fact, Katy Perry loved the cat design so much that she shared it on Twitter.
Peleg (probably like a lot of makeup loving girls) clearly has a soft-spot for princesses. Witness the following…

Created for Disney’s movie “Frozen”

disneys frozen eye makeup

Or the Princess and the Frog (this could also be made into a Rapunzel theme, love the idea of making the eyebrow itself the hair of the princess.):

princess and frog eyebrow

The Little Mermaid:

mermaid eyebrow

And my personal favorite, “The Princess and the Pea”: (how clever is it that the eye is the pea?!)

princess and pea eyebrow

Novelty topics are also often included, such as sushi:

sushi eyebrows

Inspired by a quote from?The Little Prince: ?It is such a secret place, the land of tears??

little prince eyebrows

And my overall favorite — the Breaking Bad eyebrow. (So so so SO creative!)

breaking bad eyes

Although I don’t think that these are the types of makeup looks that girls will be sporting to the ‘club Friday and Saturday nights, I also never thought that people would spend tons of money and time affixing jewels, spikes, and various other accoutrements to their fingernails. It would be exciting if this level of creativity and artistry became standard, but — coming from the skincare world — I hope that makeup removers are up for the increased skin-cleansing challenge.?

For more information on Tal Peleg, visit here.