June Product of the Month: Mmmmwah!

Perfect Pout Lipsticks

It’s called the Lipstick Effect, and it literally might be the ONLY thing I retained (or understood) from Economics 101.

The theory goes that even in the worst of times, women will go out and buy lipstick for themselves because this small item does not require a huge financial commitment, but has the power to instantly make the wearer feel better about themselves (and their life). It’s like an anti-depressant-makeover-device packaged into one little, brightly-hued tube.

This is especially pertinent today not because times are rough (at least, that’s not the argument being made here), but because our culture is having such a serious lip moment. Plump juicy lips are the utmost en vogue, and what better way to peacock said lips than with a pretty pop of color?

“Perfect Pout” Lipsticks are our current favorite choice, because it is a lipstick that aside from offering insanely flattering shades – also meets so many of our beauty criteria.

Sun protection? Check! SPF-30.

Results look natural? Check! A patented combination of peptides actually help plump your lips for natural-looking volume enhancement, and the colors offered are all enhanced versions of real-life lip-colors.

Easy to use? Yep. Pigmented enough to make a difference, but user-friendly enough so that it can be applied without a mirror.

Attractive Packaging? This seems trivial, and yet we are all guilty of judging something immediately by the way it looks. These lipsticks have a very modern, sleek and luxurious appearance, and just so you know ahead of time (because we have seen some people confused by this) there is no removeable lid. You twist the bottom-half counter-clockwise against the top-half, and voila! Lipstick.

Smell? Mint!

Feel? Super-smooth and luxe, once you apply it you can easily forget its even on. (A certain About Face team-member said she thinks this stuff feels better than her Dior and Chanel lipsticks.)

Durability? Briana put a swipe of Beverly on before eating lunch. A salad, popcorn and green-tea later, her lip color remained perfect.

Versatile? Kellie chose Melrose for her Mexican vacation, and she said it worked as perfectly bikini-clad on the beach as it did when she was all dolled-up for dinner.

Gluten Free? Weird to think about gluten in conjunction with beauty and skincare products, but especially with lip products, chances are extremely high you are ingesting some of it! If you’re sensitive to gluten, you can rest easy with this product.

Maybe it’s just a symptom of working with a group of females, but periodically we go through phases where we are all obsessed with the same things collectively. Sente Dermal Repair, SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, Dysport, Voluma, Volbella, a variety of products have had their moment in the sun with this group over the years.  At the moment, “Perfect Pout” lipsticks have the place of honor (as evident by the contents of any of our purses / scrub pockets.)