Just in time for the New Year! Philly Mag’s review of TruSculpt

(Picture shows the thermal heat-transfer that TruSculpt delivers to the skin. Crazy that body-sculpting could be such beautiful colors, right?)

A few months ago we were honored to demo the ability of TruSculpt for a Philadelphia Magazine editor. As avid devotees of Philly Mag, it was almost surreal to have a local deity in our office. (You know the scenes in Wayne’s World where they chant “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy”? That’s what the butterflies in my stomach were saying.)

Despite my nerves (which was ironic that I was so internally nervous, because I’m not even the person administering the treatment), SHE was (and is) awesome. She had a TruSculpt treatment, and then we waited with bated breath for her thoughts… and her results.

Thanks to the January issue of Philly Mag, we were able to get the final scoop on how everything turned out.?

Amongst 4 other new beauty treatments that were reviewed; including a Black Diamond facial for dudes and Silk Eyelashes, here is what she thought about TruSculpt body-contouring, cellulite reducing, fat-melting treatments:

The Treatment: TruSculpt Body Contouring and Fat Melting

The Promise:
?Radio frequency energy ? administered via a handheld device against the skin ? blasts apart fat cells; the gelatinous substance inside these cells is eliminated through your lymphatic system, leaving the area firmer.

The Experience:?A small device is pressed along the treatment area, remaining on each patch of skin for four minutes and delivering a pulse of energy that increases in temperature. (It?s measured in joules, so it doesn?t translate, but it?s hot.) It takes about an hour, and you?ll need follow-ups. We needed Vicodin.

The Results:?Measurements don?t lie. We lost over an inch on the
circumference of each arm.

The Bottom Line:?It?s pricey but worth it, especially for those stubbornly flabby areas that exercise won?t help.

The Details:?Treatments start at $299 and go up depending on size of treatment area;?About Face Skincare, Washington Square West.

Originally published as ?Can Beauty Be Bought?? in the January 2015 issue of?Philadelphia?magazine.

Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/shoppist/2015/01/11/5-new-out-there-beauty-treatments/#OsHKVh6cVQyp0jBC.99