KFC Launches Extra Crispy SUNSCREEN

There was such demand the first time around for Fried Chicken scented-sunscreen that KFC had to create a second batch of 3,000 bottles. Strangely enough, even that second-batch is already gone too!

KFC was giving away the product through their website in exchange for your email address and contact information (how clever, they get your demographics and a huge viral surge!) and just like KFC’s last foray into the beauty-world — Extra Crispy Sunscreen SPF 30 is just like its nail-polish predecessor in that it’s main, defining attribute is that it smells just like fried chicken.

Get Sent the Scent
According to the company, KFC has created an ?exclusive and extremely limited run of fried chicken?scented sunscreen? that will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. (You can’t purchase a bottle online or at any KFC location.)

To learn more, you can head over to extracrispysunscreen.com, where actor George Hamilton greets you (after all, he?s the ultimate extra-crispy human-being) and prompts you to enter your personal information.

While the idea of smelling like fried chicken during the dog days of August may be less than appealing to some, clearly a lot of people are very interested in smelling like fried chicken considering how quickly these products “sell” out.

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However, use at your own risk.?
In order to be carried on store shelves, sunscreens are required to go through rigorous FDA testing. Since this product is not being sold, it is hard to ascertain if this SPF has gone through the usual approval process.

The list of ingredients for KFC’s extra crispy sunscreen does include the usual essentials octinoxate and avobenzone, which provide broad-spectrum coverage, but as far as we know — this product was not FDA-tested.

However, although it’s true sun-protection capabilities might be ambiguous, KFC does provide some other (humorous) health advice regarding this product:

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Side Effects

Available for a limited time only. Side effects may include the Extra Crispy? lifestyle and smelling like fried chicken. KFC? Extra Crispy? Sunscreen is an actual product. KFC? Extra Crispy? Sunscreen is not a food product. NOT a food product. Do not eat this product. Even though this product smells delicious, it is not delicious. The only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken.

If you are able to get your hands on a bottle of this, we’d recommend using this in conjunction with a layer of sunscreen that the FDA and experts have signed off on.

Because as KFC?s tagline goes, ?The only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is your fried chicken.?


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