Khloe Kardashian Is New Face (Jaw?) of Kybella

Cosmetic injections are the elephant in every room, in every home, inhabited by every Kardashian / Jenner.

Every member has at one time or another been rumored to have undergone a cosmetic tweak… or twelve. (Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this — everyone is free to do whatever they want to help them feel better about themselves. The Kardashian / Jenner clan is just the most conspicuous group of injectable users that has all of the public’s attention.)

However, Khloe Kardashian has always regarded herself as “the honest one”. The one who tells it like it is. So it kind of makes sense that out of all of them, she would be the one to not only admit to having some “work” done, but (in true Kardashian-branding-and-monetizing-everything fashion) become a full-on spokesperson for a new injectable brand!

Khloe recently announced her partnership with Kybella, a new, break-through, non-surgical injectable from Allergan that addresses the very common concern of a double chin, wobbly neck, jowls, etc.

Kybella is FDA-approved and consists entirely of deoxycholic acid, a fat-eating molecule that occurs naturally within the body. The targeted chin / neck fat is dissolved, and the skin is tightened, leaving behind a sculpted, youthful looking jawline.

The treatment takes 10-20 minutes, and the results are PERMANENT! A few sessions may be needed to achieve desired results, and there is a little downtime associated with the treatment (the injected area can be swollen and sore for a few days after) but as a whole patients are clamoring for a treatment that doesn’t involve surgery and can provide such beautiful, natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Taking a quick peak at Khloe’s Instagram pics helps showcase just how beautiful her new chiseled jawline is:


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The logical (cynical?) person might look at these pictures and say, “yeah — she looks great now, but what was her jawline like before?”

Great question, you!

A fairly intense Khloe-Google-stalk turned up no good photographic evidence of what her jawline profile was like pre-Kybella, however — could this be due to the fact that she never took side-profile pictures before, because she wasn’t confident of her jawline? As a paparazzi-pro that’s used to getting her picture taken all day, every day, Khloe likely was very adept at positioning her face and body in angles that hid any problem areas… such as a less than perfect jawline.

For the public launch of Kybella, Khloe will be the face of the brand’s cleverly-named new “Chin Up” campaign. (And… speaking of clever names, the name “Kybella” fits perfectly with the reality-family’s penchant for K-themed branding. #definitelyKrisApproved)