Meet Melissa our right-hand Woman to every injection treatment!

Melissa is so helpful (and psychic?) that it’s gotten to a point where our injectors don’t know what to do without her.
Melissa Martinez is the right-hand Woman to every injection treatment that occurs at About Face Skin Care. She has been assisting injection-treatments for the past 4-years, and after partaking in injection services ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, for YEARS on end — she is an amazing source of knowledge. Melissa can give an injection consultation with the best of ’em, she knows which product will be best for each area on each patients’ face, and she often can predict what the injectors are going to want to do before they say it out loud. (See? She either has some under-the-radar psychic abilities, or has gotten to the point where she knows the injectors *that* well.)
Melissa is also an angel of a human being. She always knows just what to say to those nervous first-timers, she is always available for literal or figurative hand-holding, and she’ll likely be the one touching-base with you after treatment to make sure everything is going as expected.
We feel so lucky to have Melissa, and we want you know what an excellent person you have at your side for all of your About Face injection-visits.