Now You Can Spa… in Burger King?

No, it is not April Fool?s Day.

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When Burger King added hot dogs to their classic fast food menu recently, we were a bit surprised, but nothing could prepare us for the news that a Burger King location in Finland has actually established a sauna inside for its patrons.

Yes, a sauna.

That?s right, you can actually sweat out some toxins while you nosh on your Whopper and fries. There?s even a lounge with a television for playing video games, while you wear a Burger King robe!

Naturally while you?re decompressing in the King?s court, you?re not as likely to jump up and wait in line to place a food order, so servers actually roam the joint to take food and drink orders while you unwind.

Between this and the recent news that KFC is launching an edible nail polish collection, we?re all ears for what beauty endeavors McDonald?s could have in store for us. Clown contouring was once a thing, maybe Ronald McDonald could produce his own palette? The options are endless.