Rolling Stone Face-Globes

When our patients first see the turquoise, eye-catching but oddly-shaped quartz-rollers, they often ask us if we are selling marijuana apparatus. Although both quartz-rollers and marijuana-smoking tools are both intended to relax and chill the user, similarities end there.

The quartz-roller, like many other similar rolling tools out there, claims to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, contour the facial muscles, and reduce facial puffiness. (Pro tip: leave yours in the fridge or freezer for maximum cooling effects.)

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Quartz-rolling can “help remove excess fluid under the skin (especially the under-eyes) while the cool-stone helps constrict blood-vessels to further minimize swelling,” Naomi Fenlin explains.

Fenlin says the roller can be used alone or in combination with your regular skincare products. (If used with products, the massaging motion can help apply your skincare products more gently and therapeutically.)

Feedback on these rollers has been extremely positive. The solid-quartz makes the roller extra-durable and strong, and the non-porous surface makes it easy to sterilize and clean as needed. In addition to skincare, the roller can also be used at the sinuses or temple when dealing with a headache, or can be applied to your pressure points (back of the neck, inner-wrists) if dealing with any hot flashes. Plus, it’s pretty.

Raelle Levicke, lead-provider at Philadelphia’s About Face Skin Care shares that  she has “tried stone-rollers before, but the cheaper ones available on Amazon just don’t show the same results and broke after only a few uses. This one is real quartz and for me a life-changer, especially when I haven’t had a good night’s sleep and wake up with puffy eyes.”