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Have you noticed your usual skin care routine is not as effective as it used to be? After a while, our skin can adapt to the products regularly used. 

For example, consider your moisturizer or cleanser. Each of these have different active ingredients and properties. When you first begin using them, they will be especially helpful and beneficial to your skin. But after a while, your skin will grow accustomed to these qualities. Sometimes, change can literally be a beautiful thing. 

Not sure which products are the right ones for your routine and skin’s needs? Maybe you’re looking for something more effective, or powerful. If this is the case, it could be time to visit About Face Aesthetics, a leading skin care clinic in Philadelphia!

First, About Us

About Face Aesthetics began in 2011 with founder Naomi Fenlin. Bringing a vast and varied educational and professional background to her work, Naomi developed a unique med spa focused on helping people feel better about themselves in the safest and most effective ways possible.

Through the years, About Face has continued to grow and expand our aesthetic offerings. We believe in continuous education and training, and we always strive to give our patients exactly what they need. We deliver unmatched experience and knowledge to our craft within the field of medical aesthetics here at our skin care clinic in Philadelphia. 

The Science Behind Needing New Products

Once you find a product that you like, of course you’re going to add it to your regular routine. We do the exact same thing!

As you continue to use those beloved products, you may notice your skin becomes used to the ingredients and possibly stops responding to them like it used to. 

Why is this? When those same products are applied to your skin day after day, your skin will become familiar with them and adjust accordingly. Therefore, it will appear as if the products aren’t as effective as they once were.


But that’s just one reason why you may want to drop by a skin care clinic in Philadelphia to explore new options for your skin care products! Here at About Face, our experts can help you navigate the world of skin care products to find the next latest and greatest option for your skin.

On top of that, we can also discuss other options to help you improve the health and appearance of your skin. We have a wide variety of facial services, ranging from professional dermaplaning to custom medical facials, that can give your skin some much-needed TLC.

When you get started with your new skin care routine containing high-quality, effective products, you can extend the results of your treatments and keep your skin glowing for even longer!

Serums Perfect for Your Face

One of our current best-selling skin care lines is Plated. Plated serums are made with exosome-based products backed by years of scientific research from the Mayo Clinic. What does that mean? 

If something is considered “exosome-based,” this means that it contains elements similar to those that are inside our body among our cells. Exosomes are the way that cells communicate with each other. 

When a skin care product is exosome-based, this typically means that the product is made to interact and communicate with your skin. The exosomes send messages to your skin cells to HEAL and react in a way that will benefit your skin the most.

Plated serums are wonderful for everyday skin care, and there are 3 versions to choose from ranging from normal skin, super-compromised post-procedure, or sensitive skin. Plated tricks your skin into thinking and acting like it is younger than it really is. When applied to your face, the ingredients communicate with your skin to make it feel younger, healthier, and more rejuvenated!

Calm Serum

This variation of the Plated serum is powered by growth factors and antioxidants, creating a soothing experience. Calm Serum has been clinically proven to reduce recovery time after an aesthetic procedure, also enhancing post-procedure results



This product also produces a cooling sensation that activates upon application for increased comfort, which can be especially pleasant for those with rosacea and melasma. 

Intense Serum

This one-of-a-kind serum is packed with an astounding 1 trillion exosomes! Intense Serum is clinically proven to tackle the most challenging skin issues head-on. After just 6 weeks of using this serum, you will have significantly fewer wrinkles, red and brown spots.

Daily Serum

Plated Daily also contains 1 trillion exosomes, but in a slightly more diluted way so that the product can last for 2-months instead of the 1-month usually attained with Calm or Intense. This is perfect for everyday use. 

Dreamy Sun Protection by ColorScience

We have the privilege of partnering with Colorescience which is an expert at making sunscreen you are going to actually look forward to using. Their Face Shield Flex (SPF 50) Tinted Sunscreen is available in 5-colors to match and perfect the appearance of your skin while supplying super-strength sun protection. It’s also water and sweat resistant for up to 40-minutes, and protects your skin from blue light, environmental pollution, and UVA and UVB rays.


Special Feature! Something pretty cool about this skin care product is that it can be used much like a traditional foundation. With every layer that you add, you get more coverage

This is not the only amazing product like this that Colorescience provides. Check out even more products that can benefit you in even more ways than just adding color or coverage. Discover more at our skin care clinic in Philadelphia, About Face Aesthetics, and our partnership with Colorescience products!

SPF on Plump Lips

It’s counter-intuitive considering the amount of attention lip-injections get, but when it comes to sun protection – lips are usually an afterthought.

About Face offers a revolutionary lip gloss that solves all of your Must Haves on a Lip List; it plumps, it shines, it brings color, it moisturizes, it’s not sticky, AND it contains water-resistant SPF! Our Lip Pep gloss has carefully selected ingredients that heighten your own natural lip color (so you know it will be flattering) while slightly plumping your lips. The glossy finish will have everyone complimenting how pretty your lips are, and the sun protection will keep them safe as a extra bonus.

At About Face, we have lots of excellent skin care options and we are expanding the offerings as new lines and products are developed. Every product is carefully researched and tested before we offer it to you, we only want to recommend the best options for your skin. At About Face we keep a carefully curated collection of skin care products for all of the most common and popular concerns.

True or False: Skin Care Edition

True or False: Your skin will always love every product you try.


Everyone’s skin is different and will have different reactions to skin care. Some people are allergic, sensitive, or extra reactive to certain active ingredients, and alternatively other people may have skin that can easily tolerate the most aggressive products right away. Skin care is definitely not one-size-fits-all, and custom regimens are created and edited along the way for all of our clients.

True or False: If you have “normal skin” you can use any skin care product.

True – When you have skin that falls into the category of “normal” you might be able to choose between products that are meant for oily or dry skin because you’ll be able to safely tolerate them. 

However if you notice that using generic skin products are not delivering results for you, your “normal” skin may not actually be so normal. Come visit us at About Face in Philadelphia for a comprehensive skin assessment to help you choose the best products to comfortably and effectively deliver the results you crave.

Ready to Visit a Skin Care Clinic Here in Philadelphia?

At About Face Aesthetics, we are all about providing a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience. 

When the best skin care meets the most effective and advanced aesthetic technology, you know you are in for a transformative treat. You deserve nothing less than the best, and you should never have to settle for anything but the latest and greatest.

Exceeding your expectations is always our goal. No matter your age, gender, skin tone, or body type, we want you to be happy with your results. Most importantly, we want you to be happy with yourself.

Give us a call or send us a message if you are ready to book an appointment or if you would like to know more about our skin care clinic in Philadelphia. We would love to hear from you!

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