Sneak Peak: Upcoming Holiday Promos 2021

sneak peak beauty 2021

December 1st: ‘Tox Tank

One chance per year to stock up on Botox / Dyport at promotional pricing.

December 2nd: Morpheus8 Bundle 

This microneedling RadioFrequency treatment is the next generation of tissue remodeling; enjoy tighter, smoother, rejuvenated skin.

December 3rd: Clear + Brilliant “Complete” Trilogy

This new version of C+B delivers two wavelengths in one session to improve both the deeper and more superficial layers of your skin.

December 6th: Perfect Peel 3-Pack Plus Plus

Not a typo — this bundle includes a series of Perfect Peels with all the trimmings for beautified skin.

December 7th: Mystery Surprise Day! 

This has been a hit in the past, and always sells out in a flash. Only 24x of these ??? available.

December 8th: Thermage Makeover

Jump-start your collagen production for beautiful skin tightening.

December 9th: Dermal-Filler Haul

Our biggest and best dermal-filler special of the year!

December 10th: CoolPeel Series Pre-Sale

All the skin benefits of a CO2 treatment, without the cons of previous versions.

December 13th: Ultimate Lip Package 

Everything you need for gorgeous lips.

December 14th: SculpSure Body Contouring 

Let our technology sculpt your body and melt away unwanted fat!