Sun Bum: Protect your lazy ass

Philadelphia has it?s fair share of ?boutiques?. Enter any of these establishments, and you are likely to find an assortment of carefully curated fashions for either men or women. Usually comprised of clothing, jewels and shoes, the average Philadelphia boutique offers everyday {fashionable} clothing for the everyday {fashionable} person. As a local Philadelphian well-versed in shopping, it was a delightful surprise to visit a beach town and find their boutiques to be so utterly different than those at home. ?

Having year-round access to water certainly enables a varied lifestyle than the regular hobbies allotted to Philadelphia locals; and while recently in Newport, Rhode Island it was such a novelty to see multiple boutiques geared solely towards surfing, sailing and beach accessories.

sun bum sonny header

Amidst the racks of hats and wet-suits and rash-guards, I noticed that the same brand of sunscreen was offered at many of these shops. Being the crazed SPF-fanatic that I am, I mentally recorded the existence of this brand and made sure to research it as soon as I was back in the office.

Protect your lazy ass!

Sun Bum at about face

Cue Tuesday morning after Memorial Day, I?m already on the phone with Gary (my new Sun Bum sales-rep) placing my first Sun Bum order. Per Gary, “Sun Bum” products are only available to specialty skin / sports shops, and while they?re wildly popular in beach areas, Sun Bum had not yet made it?s entre to Philadelphia. With an adorable mascot (really, Sonny is so, so cute), a slogan of ?Protect your lazy ass?, and a multitude of user-friendly, skin-saving products, Sun Bum + About Face = true love forever. I could not wait for our first round of products to come in.

A little over a week later, About Face Skin Care is thrilled to offer Sun Bum products to our Philadelphia patients. (Thanks to Sun Bum our entire office now smells like ?summer?, in the best way possible.)?

So, Philadelphia, please meet Sun Bum. Protect your lazy ass, smell great, and have SAFE skin, easily, every time you?re outdoors. ?