Sunscreen drinks?

Sometimes it seems like I go through sunscreen so fast, my boyfriend MUST be guzzling it behind my back. I mean, where else can it disappear to so quickly? (If my hunches are correct, wonder what kind of chaser works best with a shot of tinted SPF-50?)

Although I am a huge proponent of fun (or at least, I like to think I am), I am also a huge supporter of rule-following. If you?re not allowed to drink alcohol somewhere ? there are probably significant safety issues in mind — and you should not try to get extra-clever in your boot-legging attempts. However, that respect-safety-sentiment being said; this sunscreen-bottle flask is pretty, pretty clever, and if you are using it in alcohol-friendly locales, you will be sure to raise a few eye-brows per sip.

Have fun, drink responsibly, and just please remember to also bring and USE real sunscreen so that hang-over non-withstanding, at least your skin can feel happy the next day. ?