The best way to remove Halloween makeup

Philadelphia makeup eraser

It is amazing to see how talented people are when it comes to makeup. Aside from everyday makeup (contouring, smokey-eyes, and the like) good costume makeup is often unbelievably creative, clever, and thorough. (I mean, have you seen these zombies? They’re obviously not real, but it is crazy to think that these effects are achieved with MAKEUP!?)

Applying crazy costume makeup has to be a pleasure in and of itself, and then enjoying the results is all good and fine too. The only downside to these endeavors? The inevitable cleanup…

Enter your new makeup savior: the Makeup Eraser!

Simply add water to the magic cloth, and behold it’s incredibly effective makeup removing / scrubbing abilities. (It’s like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, for your face.)

Witness exhibit A, below. (I can only hope that Greg Nicotero has ordered these babies in bulk for the Walking Dead set.)

In the meantime, Makeup Erasers are the perfect accessory for the normal person dabbling in some Halloween (and everyday) makeup fun.