The easy way to keep skin happy this winter

Sadly, one of the things that feels the loveliest during these cold, dark winter months may actually be bad for your skin.

Standing in a hot shower might feel delicious against your cold skin; however the combination of hot water and soap can actually strip your body of needed oil, while simultaneously promoting body break-outs. Although counter-intuitive, the hotter the water is, the less you are actually able to clean yourself. Any extreme heat causes your skin to immediately inflame as a method of self-protection. As the surface skin swells, the entrance to your pores becomes sealed off, thereby trapping inside any debris that should be washed out. This, combined with washing away the surface oils that keeps your skin naturally moisturized, leaves you with dry, tight and itchy skin that is extra-prone to break-out. (Even though your skin is mostly covered up with clothing during the winter, ain’t nobody got time for uncomfortable, broken-out skin!)

To wash yourself efficiently and comfortably, you should use water that is more warm than hot. (We’re not suggesting you freeze yourself, just to keep in mind that warm water is better for your skin.) Although it might be tempting to linger in the shower, you should try to keep the time-frame to around 15-minutes. By remaining cognizant of the time you are standing under running water, you are better able to minimize the amount of body oil you are washing away.

In addition, similarly to your face, you might notice that you need to use a gentler form of body-wash during the winter months. Your skin doesn’t create as much oil when it?s cold outside and therefore doesn’t need the same level of aggressive washing you may require during the summer.

Once out of the shower, a brisk rub-down with a towel can help exfoliate any dead skin cells, which will improve circulation, skin’s appearance, and penetration of any body-moisturizer you may be applying.

(On the bright side of showering in not-hot water, your hair will be shinier and less frizzy! When you’re finished washing your body, give your head a quick spray of cold water to seal the cuticles and allow for smoother drying.)

Happy washing ? we promise warmer weather is (eventually) right around the corner.