The RIGHT lessons to learn from seeing celebs without makeup

?62 Celebrities who should always wear makeup!? read the headline.

Ouch. Pictures included candid shots of Eva Longaria, Rita Ora, Katie Holmes, and 59 other naked-face celebrities who are well-known to be extremely good-looking. ?

I was initially drawn to this article because lord knows I love me some skin porn ? even better if it?s of the celebrity variety. I always enjoy seeing skin, and I love even more to see celebrities without makeup because there is something SO refreshing about the fact that those images of perfection seen in magazines and on the big-screen, really are just people.

Additionally, because the magic of makeup can completely transform a person?s appearance — and celebrities obviously have the best makeup artists in the biz at their disposal — it?s always extra intriguing to find out what these people actually look like without the assistance of cosmetics.

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised and also felt somehow vindicated.

Even though these pictures depict celebs looking decidedly un-red-carpet-ready, the pictures show that these people are all still attractive to begin with. It?s not like all of a sudden it?s revealed that without makeup Rita Ora is a scary ogre. Red lip or not, she?s gorgeous! (Despite what the slideshow caption says!) Katie Holmes? Yup, still pretty! Jennifer Hudson? Beautiful.

These pics felt vindicating because it re-emphasized the importance of good skincare. For the most part, these celebrities have really, really nice skin, assuredly attained through plenty of TLC (and sunscreen). It?s easy to maximize makeup?s efficacy when your beginning palette is good to begin with.

Unfortunately, while this slide-show was immensely interesting in a positive way to me, the author?s negative spin on everyone was unfounded and troll-like. (It’s not cool to be mean because you’re anonymous.)

molly sims philly makeupFor example, next to SUPERMODEL Molly Sim?s picture reads a caption that says ?Molly Sims looks pissed the paps caught her makeup-free.? Umm, no. She doesn?t look pissed at all, she looks like a gorgeous woman without under-eye concealer. (And she can’t be pissed. If Molly Sims cared about hiding her makeup-free face, would she really have done this?)kelly clarkson skin philadelphia

Regarding Kelly Clarkson? They said they would have ?never recognized her looking like this?. Whaaa? She looks 100% like herself, absolutely adorable, and her skin looks uh-mazing! (Good job with that SPF, girl!)

For the most part, the other 60 celebrities face the same denigrating treatment despite looking pretty, pretty good. Boo!

In the end, this author?s negativity might just be a ruse to get attention and comments, but whatever. I stopped reading the captions after the first few, and instead I?ll just focus on the take-away: celebrities are human just like you and me, and to get the most out of your makeup ? take care of your skin! If your skin is in good condition, you?ll need less makeup, and the makeup that you do use will look better and last longer.