Things Patients Say: Part 3

?I don?t need moisturizer because my skin is oily.?

Due to the large amount of acne sufferers that we see in our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office, this is a VERY common misconception — and a very understandable one, at that. It is completely counter-intuitive, but excessive oil production can actually be a sign that your skin is dehydrated.

Your skin is a wondrous organ, and whenever possible it tries to regulate itself. If your skin is dehydrated, it will naturally try to correct this by overproducing oil in order to properly moisturize your skin. The dryer your skin truly is, the more oil it may create to fix itself.

People with oily skin are often wary of using moisturizers because they’re afraid the product will make their skin even greasier looking, however (also counter-intuitive) the opposite is actually more accurate. By using an appropriate moisturizing product, your skin will not need to over-compensate for anything, and this will allow your body to slow down it?s natural oil production.

Also, it is completely normal to notice that your skin?s level of ?oiliness? changes each month, or even seasonally. Your skin is just responding to whatever environmental changes it is exposed to. Fortunately, it is very easy for you to address this; you’ll likely need a lighter product in warm weather, and a heavier product for cold, dry weather.

If you have skin that you think is oily, please don?t be afraid to use a moisturizer. Make sure to look for products that are marked as “noncomedogenic” (which means the formula will not clog your pores), and apply as recommended. Porification Moisturizer is by far and away the best selling product for this issue, and is recommended for all skin types, from acne prone, to ultra sensitive. Once you develop a skin routine that seems to work for you — keep with it! Over time you should notice less oiliness, as well as less spotty dryness in other areas.