Things Patients Say: Part I

You know how some people still believe that chocolate causes pimples, and that tanning can clear up acne? (Both false!) Just like those well-intentioned, but ultimately unhelpful misconceptions, there are quite a few other skin thoughts that for one reason or another, are believed by a multitude of people.

We thought we?d start a new blog feature, where the most frequently asked / stated misconceptions are reviewed and discussed. Hopefully this is something you enjoy, and please feel free to let us know if there are any skin questions, concerns, or thoughts YOU would like us to clarify ? as always the goal is to make your life as easy and beautiful as possible.

Without further ado?

Things patients say: Part I

?These products don?t work. I?ve been using them for a whole week, and I still have [fill in the blank skin problem].?

things patients say phillyEspecially when dealing with skin care products, what ?they? say is totally true — patience IS most definitely a virtue.

Of course everyone wants to witness drastic results from new skincare products as soon as possible. However, even the strongest, most aggressive and effective products in the world cannot possibly illicit drastic changes within a week. Instead — and depending on your skin concerns, this can be hard — you need to give your products adequate time to safely (and effectively) cause the changes you are looking for.

How long should you wait? The time it takes from the moment you start a product, until you notice real change, will vary from person to person and product to product. Some acne products can start benefiting your skin immediately, whereas Retinols can take many months for your skin to fully adjust to.

The closest example for this process is working out. Certainly you would want a flabby belly to transform into a 6-pack as quickly as humanly possible, however even an extreme diet makeover and intense cardio sessions will not yield overnight changes. Instead the body needs time to adjust, adapt, and respond to the changes that are occurring. Some improvements might be noticeable within a week?s time, but there is no way that maximum improvements can be achieved in such a short period of time.

Your best practice is to get into a good routine with products you believe in, and stick to it. (Your skin expert should also be able to help provide you a realistic time-frame for when you should start to see the best results.) In our office, we believe in the efficacy of our products so strongly that we offer a ?Bottom of the Bottle? guarantee ? anyone is welcome to return any product, but not until they?ve used the entire thing. Once the bottle is empty, they are welcome to get a full refund if they are unsatisfied with the product results. Why? It can easily take that long to gauge what the product is actually doing to the skin. Despite this policy, patients almost never return any of our products due and are instead encouraged to remain patient and stick to their recommended course of action. In the end, their skin looks much better for their commitment.

As a consumer: make sure that you?re asking all the right questions at the time of purchase; what you should expect, what time frame will be needed, etc. Having realistic expectations will make the process much more tolerable for you.

Also, using your products properly is key. It is shocking how often people use their products sporadically, and still expect to see full results. (And vice-versa, going over-board with your products won?t help your cause either.) For best results, utilize your skincare products exactly as directed.

Bottom line: drastic, overnight skin changes cannot realistically happen. Take your time to select the best products for your skin concerns, and then try to be as patient as you can while your skin adapts and responds to them. In the majority of situations, your patience will be well rewarded.