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We’re About Maintaining Weight Goals

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Are you looking for an effective way to shed unwanted weight that hasn’t responded to diet or exercise? We can help!

About Face Aesthetics now offers weight loss shots in Philadelphia to qualifying clients.

Interested in finding out more? Keep reading to learn about semaglutide and how to book a consultation to see if this weight loss medication could help you.

What are weight loss shots in Philadelphia?

About Face now offers semaglutide to help clients who struggle to lose weight. This injectable medication was made to help increase insulin production and regulate the blood sugar of diabetic patients. It also helps slow digestion, meaning you’ll feel full for longer.

What’s a typical semaglutide treatment plan?

We’ll create a treatment series that fits your needs, but most series include a weekly injection. You’ll experience the drug’s appetite-suppressing qualities for as long as you’re getting the injections.

How fast does semaglutide work?

You’ll likely see results a month after starting your weight loss shots in Philadelphia (if not sooner). Your appetite will return once you finish the injection series, but your results can be permanent with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Do you offer extra weight loss support?

Yes! We know that the key to lifelong weight loss is comprehensive support. That’s why we’re all about providing you with complementary solutions!

In addition to providing weight loss shots, we offer in-person or virtual consultations with our nutritionist and personal trainer. These professionals will provide practical support along with data gathered from the InBody body composition analyzer, giving you a better evaluation of your overall wellness and health.

Exceeding your expectations is always our goal. No matter your age, gender, skin tone, or body type, we want you to be happy with your results. Most importantly, we want you to be happy with yourself; we will never pressure you into a treatment that won’t provide results.

Give us a call or send us a message if you are ready to book an appointment or if you would like to know more about our aesthetics clinic or weight loss shots in Philadelphia. We would love to hear from you!

If you are not quite ready to come in for a consultation, you can use our Virtual Consult tool to get instant treatment recommendations based on your needs and goals.

About Face is about you!

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