What is a lip injection treatment like?

Philadelphia lip injections

With the surge of lip popularity in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is a natural question for first-timers to wonder: What are lip injections like?


Before Treatment

  • The first and most important step is to talk with your injector regarding how dermal-filler lip injections can improve the appearance of your lips. If you decide to try lip enhancement injections (for patients over 21), be sure to ask every question you have, and make sure your injector has a solid understanding of the look you are trying to achieve. (Pictures are a huge help!)
  • Depending on how nervous you are, or if you think you have a low pain-tolerance, a topical numbing cream can be applied to the injection area. The numbing cream will stay on the lips for about 10-20 minutes, and although you may still feel some of the injections as they are happening, this will make the treatment more comfortable for you. (Most patients opt not to use numbing cream however, as there is a numbing agent built into the dermal-filler.)

During treatment

  • Lip injections generally takes less than an hour (individual treatment times may vary, and may take longer if you opt to use the topical numbing cream.)
  • Your injector will cleanse and disinfect the area to be treated. Then the dermal-filler (your injector will help you choose the best product for you, whether it’s Juvederm or Restylane) will be carefully injected into the desired areas using an ultra-fine needle to create the desired effect, with the minimal amount of discomfort and bruising possible.
  • You will likely be holding a hand-mirror, and will be able to give input throughout the process.
  • Enjoy immediate and visible results!

After treatment

  • Use cold compresses on the lips to help prevent swelling.
  • When you go to sleep that night, make sure to elevate your head by using an extra pillow (which will also help prevent the chance of swelling)
  • Enjoy your new and improved lips!
  • Contact your injector if you have any questions.