What will YOU look like with Botox?

What will those genuises at Allergan come up with next?

If you’ve ever thought about getting Botox (and I’m sure everytime you make a weird face in the mirror, or see a candid picture of yourself, it can seem like those wrinkles are ever multiplying) but were unsure or nervous about what you’d look like afterwards– a veritable Botox-crystal-ball has been created for you.

A newly available app from Botox allows you to upload a picture of your face in order to get an idea of what your unique Botox results would look like. (Also available for Juvederm filler results as well!)

The “Allergan iVisualizer” app is a tool for illustrative purposes to help you visualize your potential results with one of Allergan’s facial aesthetic products, howevery the results displayed may not reflect nor guarantee actual results once treated.

The app also includes:

– Helpful information on what to expect with treatment
– Answers to Frequently Asked Botox Questions
– A link to find local Botox injectors in your area
– A link to Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions? rewards program