Why I Love Your Botox “Recipe” Sheet

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EVERY SINGLE TIME I INJECT YOU, I write down your “recipe” of exactly where each drop of Botox or Dysport was placed in your face.

This ensures that whether you are seeing only me every three months, or every three years —  or if due to your schedule you need to see whoever has the soonest availability — these thorough, consistent treatment notes will always provide the perfect at-a-glance reference of your previous treatment.

Before I inject you, I’ll always check your recipe, and then review how things went from your last treatment:
* What did you like?

* Was there anything we could improve upon?

Based on your answers, we can tweak anything as needed. Some common “recipe” tweaks can be as follows:

Did your results not last as long as you’d like? 

No problem, this time lets try adding some more units.


Did you like your results, but your super-smooth forehead made you more aware of another untouched area [crow’s feet, bunny lines, etc.]

No problem, I can see you’ve never treated that area before, let’s add that to the plan this time.


Your last visit was good, but you’re feeling like you look extra tired these days? 

Lets add a few more units to give you a little brow-lift.


Your face-recipe is super-helpful in providing you the best continuity of care, and I love to go back through long-time patients’ “recipes” to see how their treatment plans have evolved over the years. Even though pen and paper notes seem almost old-fashioned, I love this tried and true record system.

For what it’s worth; if you’re an injection virgin, or new to our office, we obviously would not have a pre-existing face-sheet for you to reference. This is not a problem, and a custom treatment will be developed for you at the time of time of your visit. But like with any treatment, the more information and insight we have into you, your aesthetics, and your anatomy — the better.