Why today was better than any other day… (thanks to our friends at Philly Style)

Today started out just like any other day: opened the register, picked some Spotify music, and prepared the office for the day?s upcoming patients and treatments.

In passing while sipping her big iced-coffee, our nurse asked if I that we’d won Philadelphia Style Magazine?s ?Best of? for skincare 2014.

She was completely nonchalant in her question — obviously we had to have known already right? — but my heart immediately started racing.

Trying to not get too excited until I saw proof with my own eyes, I grabbed the July issue of Philly Style off my desk and quickly flipped to the “Table of the Contents” to check this out for my own verification. Time seemed to slow down as I thumbed through the pages?

Finally locating page 124, I raced to the ?Do the body good? page ? and my eyes tore down the page until I located the skincare genre.

There, in black-and-white print was the undeniable verification I was looking for:

best laser skincare

I felt like that cartoon puppy that floats to the ceiling in happiness when he gets his favorite dog treat.

happy dog snuffles

In my heart of hearts I knew (and know) that we provide outstanding service and attain beautiful results, but it felt SO amazing to receive recognition for this from a publication as valued and trusted as Philadelphia Style.

Achieving this status is great motivation to us, and we will continue to provide the best care that we can possibly can.

In the meantime, we are so humbled and excited to be included amongst the ranks of so many other great Philadelphia businesses.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

best philly skincare july 2014