Would a face without eyebrows be as beautiful?

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

Romantic sentiment, but yes ? no matter what a rose was called, it would still smell delicious. Such a small change would not make a difference to it?s other, overall characteristics.

Would a face without eyebrows be as beautiful?

You be the judge:

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Crazy, right? Three of the most beautiful women in the world; Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, and Kim Kardashian, suddenly appear freakish just by removing their eyebrows.

How can such a small feature make such an impact?

Those little patches of hair alone have the power to transform your face. Their presence serves as a frame for the face, accentuates the eyes, and should complement the curvature of the cheek.

From an evolutionary stand-point, eyebrows help provide the eyes a little extra protection from sweat, rain, and various debris.

Additionally, brows also provide important body-language communication. If the brows are absent, it is subconsciously unsettling because there are less visual cues to assess how a person is truly feeling.

importance of eyebrows philadelphiaTo prove the point of how important brows are to a person?s identity, consider the reverse Megan Fox / J.Lo / Kim K. experiment: a person with only eyebrows.

A study at MIT showed that a person is more recognizable by their eyebrows than their actual eyes! For the picture at left (from CBS 3), more people were able to identify Richard Nixon with his eyebrows present, than the version with just his eyes. (Is your mind boggled?!)

Whether thick or thin, arched, full, or even uni, it’s clear that eyebrows help tell the world who we are.

It is said that the eyes are ?the windows to the soul?,?which makes your eyebrows (the frames to said windows) equally important.

The net take away here? Whether your brows are perfectly groomed, or not — at the very, very least, just make sure that you have them!

Some eyebrow fun facts:?

  1. Fuller eyebrows make you look younger?
  2. Fuller/properly groomed brows allow you to wear less make-up
  3. Eyebrows help us express ourselves when communicating
  4. ??Remember, eyebrows are like sisters not twins, no two brows are identical!
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