Would you ever wear these “anti-pervert stockings”?

Hoax or not, a picture of ?Anti-pervert stockings? took the interwebs by storm this summer. Stemming from China?s version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, they claim to be the country?s latest fashion trend: ?Super sexy, anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings: essential for all young girls going out.?

Despite the image subsequently having been reposted all over the web due to it?s surprising, anti-conforming nature, there is nothing else to indicate that this is a real thing, or even that the ?photo? is real and not some sort of Photoshopped (or optical) illusion.

But even taking the image at face value, what do the stockings actually accomplish?

They are supposed to keep you warm (which these would clearly do), cover up the skin for modesty?s sake (the person wearing these is definitely not trying to be overtly sexy), and provide a ?finished? look for a certain genre of woman. While these stockings would certainly do not lend a professional vibe to an outfit, they do accomplish the majority of standard stocking?s requirement.

These are particularly amusing to us, because there is a HUGE industry devoted to accomplishing the complete opposite look of these stockings. They say that fashion is cyclical, and to predict what is coming next you just look at whatever is the opposite of what is currently in style… This trend-predicting-formula may hold true for jean styles and shirt lengths, but leg-hair is an interesting genre to take on.

Back on Sina Weibo, one commenter wonders: ?If it has come to this, why not just wear pants??

Do you foresee a time when female leg-hair will be considered trendy and desirable?