11 Rules For the Best Injection Results (Straight from Beverly Hills!)

Perhaps the header-image is a bad choice, because literally: the majority of injection patients come in saying specifically that they DO NOT want to look like the cast of “Real Housewives”.

And yet… with their unfettered access to anything and everything, isn’t part of you a little curious about what beauty / injection / anti-aging knowledge they have up their couture-sleeves?

While you DO NOT need to look like them, you might as well benefit from the same beauty information they possess.

Enter Kellie Gater.

As a nurse-injector at a prominent Beverly Hills plastic-surgeon’s office, she saw and treated many celebrities and reality-TV stars. Her recent move to Philadelphia allows our City of Brotherly Love to benefit from all of her extensive tinsel-town expertise. (Kellie recently joined the About Face team, and we are so excited to have her!)

Dropping some West Coast injection beauty-bombs on us, Kellie shares her top rules for the best, longest-lasting injection results.

Although we thought that we already knew the most important pieces of advice to tell our patients, we learned a ton from this list (that literally took her 3-minutes to write-down).

Hopefully you’ll pick-up some pearls of wisdom as well. (If you’re a newbie to this stuff and don’t already know the usual rules for injections, this list may be more helpful for you.)

11 Rules For The Best Injection Results

1. Try to stay upright for about 4x to 6x hours after treatment. (Botox / Dysport)

You don’t want to lie down immediately after treatment because there is a remote possibility that your neurotoxin might migrate from the injection-site. (Although the chances of this occurring are small, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!)


2. Do not put anything constricting over your treatment area for 24-hours after injections. (This is specifically geared towards Botox and Dysport treatments, but the premise holds true for any cosmetic-injectable.) 

Ideally, for the first 24-hours after treatment you should avoid any pressure against the treated areas because it can potentially displace the injected-product. For example, head-bands would be fine because you (most likely) didn’t get injected along the crown of your head. However, a snow hat, turban, baseball cap, or helmet are no-no’s — just for that initial 24-hour period.

Please note: This is likely the ONLY time you’ll ever hear us advise not wearing a hat!

3. For treatments on the upper-half of your face, (IF possible) don’t wear sunglasses or eyeglasses for 12-hours after your injections. (Dermal Fillers)

The weight and pressure of the glasses (or the arms of the glasses) can flatten the filler, undoing the results you were ultimately trying to achieve.


4. Make sure to sleep on your back for at least 2-nights after treatment. (Dermal Fillers)

This might be the hardest piece of advice to follow, because it’s obviously difficult to control what you’re doing when you’re unconscious! Take proactive precautions by placing your pillows as a protective bumper around your head to keep yourself in-place. (Lying on your side before the filler has completely hardened can create an asymmetrical, or flattened appearance.)


5. Try to sleep in an elevated position for the first 2x nights after treatment. (Dermal Fillers)

This will allow Gravity to work on your behalf by preventing fluids from collecting in your head. (I.E. Less swelling!) Just throw a couple of extra pillows under your head (or swans, if that’s your preference…), and (literally) call it a Night.

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6. Drink A LOT of water. (All cosmetic injections.)

Keeping yourself extremely hydrated will help your body heal. (For the short-term, the extra-water in your system may contribute to additional swelling, but its better to aid your body’s overall healing process!

philadelphia botox juvederm voluma dyport restylane sculptra skincare beauty


But at the same time…

7. After lip injections, try to avoid anything that forces your lips to pucker for at least 24-hours.

Drinking from a straw, water-bottle, or smoking a cigarette can actually leave an indent in your lips if the product is still settling. (This is extra-true for cigarettes, because the heat can actually make the product more pliable, and more likely to form a shape you didn’t intend on.) Make sure to stay as hydrated as possible, but opt for cups and glasses that don’t cause your lips to do much work.

philadelphia botox juvederm voluma dyport restylane sculptra skincare beauty


8. After lip injections, avoid anything that rubs against your mouth for the first 48-hours after treatment. 

So… no Popsicles, nail biting, lip scrubs, or intimate moments that involve a lot of kissing. Rough surfaces can irritate the product’s integration and cause light-blistering. (If this occurs, it’ll go away on it’s own, but why deal with this if you don’t have to?)

philadelphia botox juvederm voluma dyport restylane sculptra skincare beauty


9. Be gentle with any ice applications. (All cosmetic injections.)

Applying ice to the treatment area  is fine, you just want to make sure that you are not pushing or pressing the ice into your skin. (Again, the pressure from this can inadvertently displace the placement of the product.)


10. No sweating (spinning, yoga, cross-fit, etc.) for 24-hours after treatment! (All cosmetic injections.)

We want the product to stay IN the muscle that was treated. Make sure not to jostle the product while it’s settling, and you will improve the longevity of your results.

philadelphia botox juvederm voluma dyport restylane sculptra skincare beauty


11. Be careful of how you apply your skincare products for 24-hours after treatment.

This follows the same general principle behind the avoidance of hats and sunglasses, but this time you just want to make sure that your hands aren’t the cause of any product displacement. When you’re applying sunscreen or washing your face, be cognizant of not applying too much pressure to any treated areas. You definitely are still able to carry on your normal skincare routines, just be gentle.
12. Worried about bruising? Help clear-up any tell-tale injections signs by drinking pineapple juice.

Apparently pineapple juice acts similarly to Arnica and is believed to be a homeopathic option for speeding-up recovery time.