Briana’s April Product Pick

How is April almost over!?? Sorry to be a little late with this month?s product recommendation, but between the launch of Sculptra, the addition of Kybella injections and DermaBlend cosmetics, and the popularity of the newly available “Spring Polish” facial ? this month has flown by!

My pick for this month is something that everyone will be able to appreciate…

hiding in bed
For those nights when you?re just too tired to drag yourself to the bathroom to wash your face — but you know you gotta wash your face (you CANNOT sleep with makeup, sunscreen, and a day?s worth of grime on your skin), the MakeUp Eraser is your new best-friend.

A combination of a sham-wow and Mr. Clean ?Magic Eraser?, this baby is the lazy girl (or guy?s) dream ? just add water, scrub your face, and *ta da* your face is sparkling clean (and exfoliated too)!

makeup remover philadelphia

The best part? You can enjoy the strange satisfaction that comes with seeing all the gunk that used to be on your face ? now on the Magic Eraser. (It?s bizarre, but seriously there just is something so satisfying about this?!)

The even better part? ?MakeUp Eraser? markets itself as being the LAST makeup removing product you will ever need. Once it?s all dirty and covered in your old makeup and schmutz, you just throw it in the washing machine and start all over. The product is guaranteed to last for at least 1,000 machine-washes! (Pro tip: Sometimes when I?m in a rush, if I?m taking a shower I?ll wash the MakeUp Eraser with some soap to clean it quicker. Because of all the mascara I use, my MakeUp Eraser can get filthy, pretty fast.)

makeup remover philadelphia
At $25.00, this hot-pink little towel is a game-changer. My biggest problem since purchasing this is that my sisters always try to steal it from me, so when I want it ? it?s usually not where I left it. #mood

While I?m not 100% sure how this thing works, I just know it DOES. It takes off everything; goopy lip-gloss, water-proof mascara, stage makeup, zombie face, Spiderman makeup, whatever. The makeup-expert’s demonstration below doesn?t lie! #YASQUEEN

Also? aside from making face-washing super easy, you also get to feel like you?re doing something kind of good for the environment. With the MakeUp Eraser you no longer need cotton pads and makeup removing wipes and makeup remover bottles ? you are creating no additional waste with this product because it is reusable, 1,000x over! (Yes, it comes in a box that could be considered garbage, but I kept mine for travel purposes.)

Each side of the MakeUp Eraser has a different texture; one side has shorter-fibers, and one side has longer-fibers.

makeup remover philadelphia

When you are using this, you first dip the MakeUp Eraser in warm water. (It should be pretty, pretty wet.) Then you go over your face with the ?short? fibers, rubbing in circular motions. This cleanses the skin.

After you do that, just flip it over and then exfoliate your skin with the ?longer? fibers. (To help remember which side is which, I just memorized that the side with the tag is the 2nd, exfoliating side.)

The makeup eraser magically cleans off all makeup, in one shot. I SWEAR by this product, and have recommended it to all of my friends and family. I will never use an abrasive, uncomfortable towel on my face again ? and in order to protect my sanity and keep peace in my family, I already know what my sisters? are getting for Christmas. 🙂