September 2016: Fall Bundles

As the seasons change, so your do skin’s needs.

Refresh your skin, repair any issues from Summer, and rejuvenate yourself as you fall into September.

All four bundles listed here are ONLY available through September 2016.

lip injections philadelphia dissolve


Get More, Save More.
Its kind of like an Injectable-Choose-Your-own adventure.

Choose any of the following:

  1. Neurotoxin: Botox, Dysport (minimum of 20 Botox units/60 Dysport units)

  2. Hyperhidrosis: Neurotoxin shots for overly sweaty under-arms

  3. Lips: Restylane, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus

  4. Cheeks / Temples: Voluma, Restylane Lyft, Sculptra

  5. Neck Contouring: Kybella

  6. Hand Restoration: Radiesse

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For the sake of this promotion, each of the treatments above counts as one treatment.

If you get three or four treatments at the same visit, you’ll SAVE this much:

PLUS! You?ll simultaneously be earning points towards future treatments!

philly skincare sale IPL BBL2. FALL CLEAN-UP BUNDLE

Brown Spots, Freckles + Wrinkles leftover from Summer 2016?

Clean-up your skin!

This bundle includes:

* 3X IPL / BBL/ Photorejuvenation laser treatments

* 3X full-size, best-selling skincare products to maintain and enhance your results


Each photo-rejuvenation session will be tailored to you, per your unique skin concerns. (IPL / BBL/ Photorejuvenation treatments will clear sun damage, redness, and brown-spots while stimulating collagen-production to help rejuvenate skin.)

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Your home-care products will vary depending on your skin concerns (sun-damage versus redness):

  1. At your first treatment:
    Go home with Porification Protect SPF-50 (A great sunscreen will help prevent further damage, and maintain results.)
  2. At your second treatment:
    Go home with SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque (this will help cool and calm the skin)
  3. At your third treatment:
    Go home with a product that is going to help further your individual results; either SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF, or Sente Redness Control.

Regularly: $1,400+
Limited Time Offer: $1,080


philadelphia sente sale3. ULTIMATE SKIN CARE BUNDLE


This bundle includes everything your skin needs to look and feel great, indefinitely.

  1. Sente Dermal Repair is your all-in-one skin maintenance product (its moisturizing, antioxidant rich, anti-aging)

  2. *Brand-New* Sente BioComplete Serum provides everything your skin needs for night! (It includes all of the moisturizing, antiaging goodness of the Dermal Repair, WITH a specially formulated Retinol that will allow your skin to comfortably renew and repair itself.)

  3. Sunscreen: The only thing these two products do not provide, this item completes your trifecta.

  4. Cosmetic travel-case

  5. 5x take-away beauty surprises

Regularly: $400+
Limited Time Offer*: $299

Order online with code Sente916

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philadelphia latisse sale4. LATISSE BUNDLE

This bundle includes everything you need for the ultimate eye-lashes:

  1. 2x Latisse 5mL kits

  2. 1x FREE eye makeup remover.

    (You are going to want to be gentle while cleansing your new and improved lashes!)

  3. 1x FREE Professional Applicator Brush

Regularly: $400+

Limited Time Offer*: $308.00

Order online with code Latisse916

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*Displayed prices do not include sales tax.