SKIN-CARE MUST HAVES: What Are Your Experts Using?

Did your favorites make our list?


You should know:

When making recommendations for your skin, the only products we’d ever recommend for you are ones that have been personally vetted and approved by the picky, sensitive, skin-obsessed team at About Face. The products offered to you are only ones that we have, would, and do use on ourselves.

However, out of the 75+ products that we carry — it is impossible (or at least, highly complicated) to use every single product, every single day.

After testing out mass quantities of skincare products (for every product that we like, there are probably 25x that were tried and we didn’t like), each About Face team-member has their own personal favorites.

Out of those favorites — everyone also has their own personal MUST HAVE. (You know — that one product that if we were stranded on a desert island, we’d have to have with us.)

Read on to find out Who Loves What, and Why.

Naomi’s MUST Have: Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum (to order this, please call us at 215-923-5001 or purchase in-office)

naomi fenlin latisse philadelphia skincare skin

WHY: Grow Your Own, Natural Eyelashes (or Eyebrows) Longer, Darker, and Thicker!

“I cannot live without Latisse. I mean, I could, I just don’t want to…

Latisse is the one product that allows me to wake up every morning instantly feeling prettier and more put-together than I would otherwise. There is just something about longer, thicker eyelashes that’s inherently feminine.

Additionally — longer eyelashes have an overall anti-aging effect on the eyes and face — and who can’t benefit from that?”

Raelle’s MUST HAVE: Retin-Eye Cream

Raelle Levicke philadelphia skincare

WHY: Fakes Appearance of a GREAT Night’s Sleep

“I love my baby, but he is NOT very considerate of his Mom’s work schedule. For now, restful nights with 8+ hours of sleep are nothing but a dream. However, thanks to Retin-Eye Cream — you’d never know that on most days I feel like a cast-member from ‘Walking Dead’. (I mean a Zombie, not Michonne.)

When I was growing-up, my mother also was in the skincare / beauty world. For my entire life she has encouraged me to use under-eye creams, and out of all the variations, brands, and formulations I’ve used throughout the years, Retin-Eye is my favorite. (I bet my mom wishes she had this product around when I was the source of her sleepless nights…)”

Briana’s MUST HAVE: SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic

briana potito skinceuticals philadelphia skincare

WHY: Nourishes + Hydrates + Protects

When asked about my pick for skincare ‘Must Have’ for this post, I didn’t even have to think — I knew in an instant which product was my ultimate-favorite-loveit-cannottlivewithoutit selection.

My skin is so delicate it’s annoying. Even the gentlest of products, intended for the most sensitive, or post-procedure skin, will somehow still irritate me. (#mood)

And yet.

I am OBSESSED with SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum. Even though it is primarily intended to be a prevention / maintenance product, I feel like it keeps my super-sensitive skin hydrated all day long. Since I’ve been using this, my skin feels brighter, glowier, and I love knowing that this award-winning antioxidant is helping prep my skin for future healthiness.

Hands-down, CE Ferulic is my favorite product.

Becky’s MUST HAVE: SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore

fenlin philadelphia skincare skinceuticals

WHY: Rich + Luxurious Moisturization. And Because, SCIENCE.

After a recent Fraxel treatment, I tried a sample of SkinCeutical’s brand-new Triple Lipid Restore to help soothe my toasty, thirsty, tight-feeling skin. (Yay for alliteration!)

Like any good drug, all it took was one try –? I was hooked.

At this point my skin has completely recovered from Fraxel, but my skin continues to just soak-up the luxurious, silky hydration that Triple Lipid Restore provides. Why? Because my skin obviously needs my moisture than I thought?! Instead of feeling dry and irritated (like my skin usually does this time of year) it instead feels so soft, looks plumper, and my pores appear smaller and more refined.

Initially I was worried that something so rich would clog my pores and make me break-out, but instead it’s the complete opposite — my skin is happy as a (silky-smooth) clam. Plus, SkinCeuticals developed this product to be a competitor to La Mer, the cult-favorite, ultra-luxe moisturizer of the glitterati. At a price-point that’s a fraction of La Mer, and hard-data and science to back-up it’s anti-aging, skin-beautifying capabilities, Triple Lipid Restore is the no-brainer choice between the two.

(Skin-Nerd Bonus: This can be applied before or after a nighttime Retinol to help curb any skin-wrath associated with retinol use.)

Nile’s MUST Have: Makeup Eraser

WHY: Thoroughly Cleanses + Exfoliates Skin, Makes Other Products Work Better

It doesn’t matter where I am; work, the gym, or a date — the Makeup Eraser makes it so that I am always psyched to go home and wash my face. Is that weird? Because like, I actually, literally, look forward to washing my face, regardless of how tired I am. There is just something immensely satisfying about wiping your face down with a warm, fuzzy, pink-blankie* and physically getting to see all of the gunk that’s being removed from my skin.

A huge plus is that in addition to wiping away every last speck of makeup and grime — thanks to the exfoliating aspect of the Makeup Eraser, I feel like my products (CE Ferulic, Sente BioComplete Serum, Triple Lipid Restore, etc.) appliedd afterwards are able to work better because they can absorb more easily into my skin.

My skin has never looked better, and yes — I think my little pink, face-blankie has a lot to do with it. 🙂

Bonus: This is a great way to wash away any eye-makeup without disturbing your Latisse results.

Nicole’s MUST Have: ProCure Bruise Remedy Gel


WHY: Medicine Cabinet Staple — Erases Bruises Like No Other

“No matter what skincare treatment you’re interested in — and frankly, with life in general — there is always the risk of a curve-ball. Whether it’s Botox, Lip Injections, or the corner of your bureau that you bang your big-toe into during a middle-of-the-night bathroom run — bruises and swelling can occur when you expect them… or not.

After working in healthcare for the past 20+ years, ProCure Bruise Remedy Gel is the first product that acts like a magic-eraser for bruises and soreness. (Bonus: The sponge-tip applicator helps keep everything neat, and makes it much more fun to apply.)

Kind of a like a security-blanket — it just makes me feel better to know that I always have ProCure Bruise Remedy in my medicine-cabinet. Along with the Band-Aids and Aleve, it’s a staple that I always want around.”