The Next Biggest, Little Thing: Baby Botox

Baby botox?? What is our society coming to? Now even babies want to look younger?!

Before you cover your face in shame for the entire human species, please rest assured: “Baby Botox” has nothing to do with actual babies, and instead is just a cute-sounding moniker to describe a new way of administering Botox treatments. By babies. (Just kidding!)

Spring 2017 has brought along it’s usual crop of budding-flowers, longer days, and an overall feeling of renewal. During this season of rebirth, it seems fitting that mega-injectable families Allergan and Galderma have announced the entry of their newest dermal-filler creations; Vollure, Refyne, Defyne, and Volbella.

These buzz-worthy products are amazing in their own right (more on these to come) but interestingly, there is also a renewed interest in good ol’ trusty stalwart, Botox.

Using the neuro-modulater Botox (or Dysport / Xeomin) to smooth away lines and wrinkles is not new, but “Baby Botox” treatments do present a new way to enjoy the classic anti-aging / preventative benefits of Botox.

* What is Baby Botox?

The concept has been around for years, but it hasn’t been until recently that the masses began jumping on the band-wagon.

The thought-process behind “Baby Botox” is that smaller (baby) doses of Botox (or whichever brand of ‘tox you prefer; Dysport or Xeomin), will give you some of the usual anti-aging / preventative / skin-smoothing benefits, but because you are not being fully treated you will still have some facial expression and movement.

* Baby Botox results?

These treatments leave you with a very natural-looking appearance that will make treatment hard to detect (for others looking at you).

When utilizing this treatment plan, it should be noted that you will need more frequent treatments, as a “baby” dose will wear off quicker. (Think of your face like a tank of gas. If you only fill-up your face-tank half-way or a quarter full, it’s going to run out more quickly than if you had completely filled it.)

While more office-visits will be required to maintain the results of “Baby Botox”, your visits should be slightly quicker due to the decrease in needed treatment-time.

Your cost-per-visit will obviously go down too, however at the end of the year you should notice that your costs have stayed approximately the same. (You are essentially getting the same amount of product, just spaced out differently.)

Still trying to fully wrap your head around this?

Consider Jane Doe^

philadelphia botox dysport juvederm restylane

Jane is 45-years old, and has been getting Botox treatments regularly for the past 10-years. She usually requires 60-units of Botox to treat her forehead-lines, frown-lines, and crow’s feet the way she likes. This treatment-plan allows her about 3-4 months between visits.

For a while Jane was very happy with a perfectly smooth countenance.

However, as her children got older (#teenagers) and her husband continued to not always be perfect (#onlyhuman) – Jane wanted to look and feel good about herself while also making it crystal-clear to her family that if she was mad or annoyed or overjoyed: they KNEW it.

Interested in experimenting with “Baby Botox” treatments, Jane now gets 25-30x units of Botox at each office-visit instead of her usual 60x. This lighter-treatment still helps smooth away her lines and wrinkles, and permanent, deep-set creases will be prevented from forming. However, since she is only getting about half of the treatment needed to achieve maximum results – Jane still retains a fair amount of facial movement. If she’s mad, confused, happy or surprised, her face will show the expressions, in a softer, smoother fashion.

Jane’s results with “baby” treatments last about 6-8x weeks, but her injector’s office is located only one block away from her home so it is easy to adapt to the higher-frequency of visits.

Her cost stays the same (she’s essentially getting the same amount of product within the same time-period, just parceled out differently) and she enjoys the anti-aging boost Botox provides while still allowing her facial-expressions to feel like her.

Want more real-life examples?

John Doe^ (no relation to Jane)

philadelphia botox dysport juvederm restylane

John is 52-years old and works in medical sales. He has his established business connections and enjoys his work, but the world of sales is extremely cut-throat and he worries about the younger new-hires nipping at his feet, vying for his clients and position. In his personal life, he is newly divorced and mentally toying with the idea of re-entering the dating pool. It’s been almost 30-years since his last first-date, and he’s apprehensive about what Dating 2.0 will be like.

About 6-months ago when (hypothetically) picking up his daughter from an appointment at About Face, he asked for a good face-wash and sunscreen recommendation. This simple question lead to a much broader conversation.

It turns out that John was very interested in taking care of himself, and totally open to getting treatments that help him look and feel his best. However he had NO idea what options even existed for himself.

An avid golfer, John’s countless hours on the golf-course (#sundamagegalore) left him with prematurely-aged skin, and deep creases around his eyes and forehead. In an opposite case of Jane (from above), John was worried that these lines made him look older, and worse — that they made him look chronically angry. (This was not a desirable look for his work-life, or personal life.)

But Botox? Wasn’t that something only overly-pampered, indulged women did? (Even though Botox is so common and popular, it still has some lingering bad PR to tend with.)

After some explaining, John was open to giving “Baby Botox” a try.

Now he’s obsessed.

John loves the idea of retaining some lines and movement, and he liked the goal of looking better, but not too perfect. (Everyone has a different desired aesthetic. John wanted something that would make HIM feel better about himself, and get rid of his chronincally-angry expression, but still look completely natural.)

To look at him now, his deep-set lines and wrinkles are not as prominent, and when he is resting his face, there is no discernible expression. (Buh-bye RBF!) He says that when he looks in the mirror these days, he feels exactly like himself, 15-years ago.

His children don’t know he gets these treatments, and he loves the discreet confidence-boost these treatments provide him. (He joined last week.)

(Don’t worry, he’s all about the sunscreen on the golf-course these days. SunBum’s “Pro” products allow for non-eye-stinging, unsticky sun protection that won’t interfere with your sportsing.)

How are Kardashians Jenners celebrities embracing this idea?

For actors, actresses, socialites and models — whose livelihoods are based (at least partially) on the way they look — maintaining their appearance is obviously of the utmost importance.

However, with the trend-pendulum always swinging back and forth, the desired appearance of the moment is one that seems to be natural. (The sign of GOOD WORK? It looks like NO WORK!) “Baby Botox” treatments help celebs slow down the aging process, but still allows them to show emotion, smize, and spout the most popular of injection-innocence proclamations like “I tried Botox once and hated it. I’ve never done anything since.” (Uh-huh. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve read that one…)

For certain celebrities, “Baby Botox” treatments are the ultimate in beauty discretion: they get the anti-aging benefits while still being able to act and show a complete range of expressions.

philadelphia botox dysport


Feel free to talk with your injector about “Baby Botox” treatments and see what they recommend for you.

^ Not patient’s real name.