True Life: Acne Before + After

Real patient results. Real patient testimony:

I decided to finally write about my skin transformation (courtesy of About Face) because I looked at myself in the mirror today — no makeup — and for the first time, I was truly amazed at how great my skin looks. So, here goes:


acne isolaz results philadelphiaFrom my initial consultation, I’ve had felt completely cared for by Naomi and her team. After suffering with acne for years and enduring physical and emotional pain, About Face Skin Care gave me the hope I needed while still remaining realistic about the results.

I have been undergoing Fraxel and Isolaz treatments to clear my severe acne and acne-scarring. Although this process and the treatments are often painful (both physically and emotionally), the entire team at About Face has partnered with me and supported me so compassionately that I will be forever grateful.

This transformation has been a process, but to me it has been completely worth it. The ladies at About Face have been amazingly supportive of me over the course of my treatments; they care about me as a person, not just another client. They have seen me at my absolute worst and were so understanding of the courage it takes to go through this process. (Naomi is practically my therapist as well as my skin magician.)

My skin has been completely changed by these treatments and the skin-care line. (I will never stop using their products, I have been using their Porification skin care line since my initial consultation and saw results immediately.)

I would highly recommend anyone to visit About Face and find the right treatment for their skin concerns or acne problems. Thank you to Naomi and her team — they are the best out there. I cannot speak highly enough of About Face.

My skin continues to improve daily, and I would confidently recommend About Face to anyone and everyone!

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