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Are There Different Types of Fillers? Filler Q&A With Your Go-To Aesthetics Center

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Q: Are there different types of fillers?

A: There are many different types of fillers—all formulated for a specific purpose or treatment area. Traditional fillers, for example, are made with HA (hyaluronic acid) and are designed to stay put beneath the surface of your skin, enhancing the fullness and contours of your lips.

Other dermal fillers, like the RHA Collection, are also HA-based, but they’re designed to be flexible and move along with your natural movements. These can be especially effective for elevating your lips and look with subtle enhancements. 

Yet another category to add to the list of types of fillers is the biostimulating fillers. Like the previous types mentioned, biostimulating fillers are formulated with hyaluronic acid, but they extend the benefits of lip fillers even further. They stimulate collagen production deep within the treatment area. Over time, this results in naturally firmer, fuller, and more youthful-looking lips.

Q: How much filler will I need to get the results I want?

A: The specific amount of filler needed for your lip filler treatment will always depend on your individual needs, goals, baseline, budget, and types of fillers being used. These are all things we’ll need to assess and discuss with you in person before we can give you a better idea of what to expect. 

That being said, we never use more than one syringe of filler at a time. The lips are highly reactive, and we want to make sure that everything looks and feels good with 1cc before adding additional product. Slow and steady always wins the lip race.

Some clients might need to schedule multiple appointments to achieve the results they want, but many are able to get stunning and satisfying results after only one session. 

Q: What happens if my filler moves?

A: Even under the best of circumstances, it is possible for filler placed in the lips to migrate over time to undesired areas (usually right outside the lips, creating a duck-like appearance, or even the dreaded “filler mustache”). 

The lips are essentially a bunch of tubes, and because the lips are constantly in motion, sometimes product can get displaced. Fortunately, almost all lip fillers are reversible, and it’s a quick process to have the unwanted product dissolved to create a fresh start. Using filler dissolvant to completely erase all the product, or just to finesse and tweak certain areas, is completely normal and happens all the time. 

If you feel like your lip filler has moved, or you have a lump or bump that you don’t like, please know that you don’t have to live like that. Any injector worth their salt can quickly and safely correct this for you in a way that is (usually) aesthetically pleasing.

Q: Do you offer other lip-enhancing treatments?

A: We do. In addition to different types of fillers, we also provide Botox lip injections. If you’re looking for noninjectable lip-enhancing treatments, Thermage can tighten the skin on your lips, DiamondGlow can refresh and temporarily plump your lips, and topical plumping lip glosses can even be used to mimic the appearance of certain types of lip fillers. 

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