Arin’s October Pick

The heatwave from this past summer is one I would like to NEVER relive:

The relentless scorching heat, coupled with the oppressive Philadelphia humidity, did not make me, nor my skin, happy whatsoever! Just walking outside for a few minutes was enough to cause me to produce more sweat than I knew my body was capable of (TMI?!) and it seemed like the more I tried to keep my face and skin out of the sun, the hotter and sweatier I became. (Hats and protective clothing did not mesh well with 99+ degree weather.)

As someone trying to maintain healthy skin — just walking to work in the morning became an obstacle course: how to get to the office without exposing my skin to the sun, and without getting drenched in sweat?

Playing leap-frog with the buildings in order to stay in the shade let me (mostly) keep my face protected from sun damage during my city walks, but the sweating unfortunately was unavoidable.

Due to months on end of this, it seemed like the blackheads were taking over my face — which was completely unacceptable.

I had to find a way to detox my skin from the quagmire occurring in my pores.

Around this exact same time, we brought in SkinCeuticals’ Clarifying Clay Masque.

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  • What?
    SkinCeutical’s Clarifying Clay Masque is a great pore-cleansing treatment you can administer to yourself, comfortably, in the sanctity of your own home.This masque combines the highest quality earth-clays, botanicals and minerals to help calm the skin; and a hydroxy-acid blend to gently exfoliate the skin.
  • Why?
    Without causing your skin to feel overly dry (thanks to the soothing qualities of aloe and chamomile), the kaolin and Bentonite in the clay help to draw out oil and impurities from your pores, remove excess oils, and exfoliate your skin.After using this product, you should notice a reduction in break-outs, clogged pores, and oily-feeling skin.
  • How to use?
    I simply apply a thin layer of the mask to my entire face, neck & d?colletage (you also have the option of using this to “spot-treat” too). Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, rinse off. Enjoy!(For the most aggressive usage of this product, you can “mask” up to twice a week. Otherwise, you can use it whenever you feel like you need an at-home pore cleansing.)
  • How much?
    You will likely need about a nickel-size dollop to cover your entire face. As you will see, you’ll get many, many uses from this jar.
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  • No, how much??
    Oh! You meant pricing?The cost of SkinCeutical’s Clarifying Clay Masque is $55 for a jar that is 2 fl. oz.
  • Who should use this?
    This product is really the best for anyone with Normal, Oily, Combination or Acne Prone skin.
  • What does it feel like?
    You apply this to your face (or desired area) and at first it feels cool and muddy. (In a good way.)As the mask dries, I experience a tightening sensation (that I like to think is from my pores getting smaller as the masque draws out the gunk inside) and it simultaneously makes my skin feel drier.Once it’s completely dried, your face will feel tight, and anytime you smile or make an exaggerated facial expression, you can really feel it.

    SkinCeuticals clarifying-clay-masque philadelphia skincare
    See all the cracks and fissures in the mask when I smile big?

  • Best way to wash it off?
    Wow! What a great question!Although you can do the standard face-wash at your sink, I prefer to just jump in the shower*. This way, all of the product just washes away down the drain, and doesn’t get stuck in my hairline, or all over my towels.
    skinceuticals philadelphia
    Once it’s all cleaned off and your face is dry — you will not believe HOW clean and smooth your skin feels. (And yes! If you’re like the average-user of this product, you will think your pores look smaller and clearer.)*Guys. There’s no picture to go along with this suggestion!
  • When?
    Anytime you are experiencing congestion, you can use this! Morning, night, summer, winter, fall. Mondays, Sundays, or any other day in-between.I like to make the most of my sleeping time, so my preferred way to use this is to apply right before bed, let it dry for about 10-minutes, and then go to sleep. When I shower in the morning, my face feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom.
  • Where?
    Although most people will use this masque on their face, you technically can use it anywhere you are experiencing clogged pores. Your shoulders, back, and decolletage are all areas that you can “clarify” with this product.Anyone who loves a good mask will receive the ultimate masking experience with our SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque.? A little bit goes a long way, less is more with this product. The easiest way to remove the mask is using the shower to rinse it off – you can avoid any messy cleanup this way!

With a combination of natural earth clays and a hydroxy acid blend it is guaranteed to clear your pores out. (This product is the definition of deep pore-cleansing & skin-refining, as it so accurately states on the packaging.)

I love this mask because you can feel AND see it’s benefits, almost immediately.

Also, I feel like I now know one of the reasons why Jared Leto is so pretty. Clearly he was utilizing SkinCeutical’s Clarifying Clay Masque to achieve his Joker look, while also beautifying his skin.



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I mean, imagine a “Damaged” tattoo across my forehead. Twins, right? [Jared Leto as “Joker” image from Warner Bros. “Suicide Squad” movie 2016]