After repeating the following list about 25-times a day in conversation, we finally had the *epiphany* that this might be helpful information to share on the inter-webs. (Feel free to check back on this article, this list is a work in progress and changes as we learn more tips and tricks.)

To begin with, DO NOT be intimidated by the length of this list. We tried to be as inclusive and thorough as possible.



* Do Not consume bloood-thinning substances for 5-days prior to your treatment. The most common culprits are things like Aspirin, St. John’s wort, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, and/or tons of alcoholic beverages. (These are all anti-coagulators, and will increase likelihood of bruising and bleeding at the injection site.)

* Do Not schedule your treatment within 3-weeks of any big-event. (Anytime the skin is being broken, there is a chance for bruising or swelling. Please make sure to give your body plenty of healing time before an event in case this occurs.)

* Do Not: If you have had recent dental work, it is not safe to move forward with lip-injections. Please wait at least 2-weeks between lip injections and dental work to make sure that all wounds have had time to heal and there is no risk of spreading bacteria.

* Do Not: If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it is not safe for you to undergo any cosmetic injections.

* Do tell us if you have previously suffered from facial cold-sores. (We can prescribe a medication to minimize chance of a break-out.)

* Do feel free to bring a picture of your desired outcome. Our definition of “plumped” or “smoothed” or “contoured” could vary drastically from yours. We want to make sure we are on the same page as you.

* Do you have micro-bladed eyebrows? If so, please call your brow-provider to see what they recommend for Botox with your eyebrow treatment.

* Do you know that you bruise easily? Please tell at the time of scheduling and we can make suggestions for products to take beforehand to help with this.




* Do: Use cold compresses to reduce swelling or bruising, but…

* DO NOT: Apply a lot of pressure when using your compress against your skin.

* Do NOT lie down for at least 4-hours after a Botox / Dysport treatment.

* Do NOT engage in aerobic activities for 24-hours after an injection treatment. Although extremely rare, you do not want any product to migrate from it’s injection site.

* Do Not sleep flat on your face (if you can help it) for 3-4x days after your treatment.

* Do not wear glasses or hats that may press against a treatment site for 6-hours afterwards.

* Do remember that your final results are not neccesarily visible immediately. It can take 14-days for Botox / Dysport to fully kick in, and sometimes even longer for dermal-filler to fully integrate.

* Do try to avoid touching the treated area for the first six hours following treatment.

* Do avoid intense heat (sun lamp or sunbathing)

* Do make sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water, this will help everything work to it’s full-capacity.

* Do feel free to make a lot of exaggerated facial expressions immediately after your Botox / Dysport treatment to make sure the product has integrated into your muscle.

* Do add an extra-pillow under your head before you go to bed (after dermal-filler treatments). The extra elevation can help prevent swelling.

* Do remember to ask about follow-up appointments!

* DO call us with any questions or concerns you may have after your treatment, it’s what we are here for! 215-923-5001

Please note: For even more advanced recommendations read here.