Can Botox Give You THE Face of 2016?

A quick scroll through Instagram makes it crystal-clear that all of a sudden, there is a very specific, very desirable face-shape that is in style.

Yes, the Kardashians and Jenners have THE face-shape of the moment (not surprising), but so do a lot of other social-media “celebs”, models, influencers, and the like.

Similar to everything else in the fashion world, trends vacillate back and forth all the time. Just as denim silhouettes are transitioning from skinny to flares, the pendulum for the desired face-shape has also swung…

At the moment, THE trendy face consists of: bold brows, big eyes (preferably with dramatic lashes), full and high cheekbones that taper into a small, defined chin with (obviously) full, pouty lips. (Seriously. In my 35+ years of being obsessed with fashion and beauty, this is the first time that I can recall a FACE being a trend?!)

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With almost every other body part — there are natural ways to contour and sculpt yourself into the desired aesthetic.

Want more defined arms? Do yoga.

Want a rounder rear-end? Squats. (Lots of ’em.)

Leaner legs? Pilates.

And so it goes.

For the face though, although you can temporarily contour and sculpt with makeup, there is no exercise regimen or diet that can give your face the shapes and curves you desire.

So, what’s a girl (or guy) to do?

Dermal-filler injections are a well-known option for adding volume (lips, cheeks, etc.), but what can you do about achieving that tapered lower-face?

Unbeknownst to many, Botox can work wonders on more than just lines and wrinkles.

philly botox masseter injections

?Facial shaping and slimming with Botox is a very popular treatment,? says Philadelphia injection expert Sarah Sidiqi, NP. ?The treatments initially started with patients of Asian decent, but it is now becoming very popular for all ethnicities in creating a more heart-shaped face.?

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When injected into the masseter muscles (the muscles on the jawline), Botox (or any of the other neurotoxins; Dysport or Xeomin) can “slim” the face. (Oftentimes,fillers are also used in conjunction to enhance the cheeks and create a? balanced look.)

Different from something like liposuction (surgical fat removal) or a noninvasive laser contouring treatment (which permanently destroys the targeted fat-cells), when Botox (or other neuromodulators) is injected into the face, they work strictly on the muscle. Botox does not interact with fat in the face whatsoever, and these injections are a fraction of the cost of surgery, and present way less risk of complications.

?When injected into the masseter muscle,?Botox relaxes the muscle and over time the bulk of the muscle is reduced lending to a less square jawline,” explains Sidiqi.

philly botox face injections


When used for this face-slimming purpose, the onset of results and longevity is a little bit longer than when Botox is used to smooth out wrinkles on the face.

?You can start to see a difference in the face in about 10 to 14 days and the results should last about four to six months, but can be longer,? says Sidiqi.

In order to maintain the results, treatments must be continued at regular intervals every 3 to 6 months.


philly botox face injections