Give the Gift of Customized Skin Care

Take care of the remaining people on your “Nice” list, and enjoy a little something for yourself too!

You know that person in your life…?
You know, the one that you would just LOVE to do something nice for … but you don’t know exactly what treatment or product they would need / want / benefit from the most?

Enter your Skin Nerds / Santa’s helpers at About Face Skin Care:

With an About Face Gift Card, you can give your favorite people the Gift of Skin Care.
When they come in for their initial consultation, a unique plan will be created just for them — courtesy of You.

DAY 11 Offer: The Gift that Gives Back.
With every $100+ Gift Card you purchase, receive an additional Gift Card* (for yourself, or a smaller gift for someone else) with 15%^ of the purchase amount.

Offer only available until midnight on 12/15/16!

I want this! What do I do?

Go here and purchase whatever Gift Card configurations you would like.

In the notes please make sure to include the names and addressed you’d like to use, on which Gift Cards. (For example, would you like the 15% Gift Card in your name, or would you like to use it as a smaller gift for someone else?) As soon as we see your preferences, we’ll take care of sending everything out to the appropriate recipient(s).

* At time of purchase, we’ll need the names and addresses of all intended recipients for your Gift Cards. Both Gift-Cards cannot be purchased for self, or same person. Gift-cards do not expire.

^ Bonus Gift Card will be 15% of any denomination of Gift Cards purchased over $100. For example, if you buy 3x Gift Cards that are $100 each, you can either get one bonus Gift Card with $45 on it, or you can get three $15 Gift-Cards. If you buy one Gift Card for $1,000, your bonus Gift Card will be $150. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or special requests!


What is the “12 Days of Christmas”?

After today, there is only one day left!
To celebrate the holidays and help you best *present* yourself and your loved ones (see what we did there?) About Face Skin Care will be featuring daily beauty flash-sales, starting on December 1, 2016 until Friday, December 16, 2016.

Offers are only available for the day the promotion is aired.

Get our number on speed-dial (215-923-5001), and be prepared to have the most beautiful holiday season ever.

How does it work?

Each weekday, starting on December 1st, 2016 through December 16, 2016, an email will go out alerting you of that day’s promotion. The featured special will ONLY be available to purchase that day, however you will have until the end of next year (December 30, 2017) to actually redeem your selected offer.

I missed a day!
Sorry, each special is only available the ONE day it’s live.