FAQ: What will my injection treatment be like?

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As unique as each person is, so will each treatment-experience be. 

Everyone’s injection visit and treatment will be different, but whether you are interested in Botox, Restylane, Kybella, Sculptra, or a combination of all the above, your appointment should roughly follow this routine:

1. You will talk with your treatment provider about your goals, concerns, and history before treatment begins. Together, you’ll agree on the best plan to move forward. (Prices will be reviewed at this point, there should NOT be any surprises at check-out.)

2. “Before” pictures will be taken to document what you look like prior to treatment.

3. Your healthcare professional will cleanse, sterilize and prepare the area(s) to be treated.

4. Optional: Depending on the treatment area, you may have a topical numbing cream applied to help make the treatment more comfortable.

5. The selected injectable-product(s) will be carefully used for the treatment area(s) using an ultra-fine needle to create the desired aesthetic effect. Your treatment-provider will talk to you through the visit, informing you of what is going on, and what to expect next.

6. Once the injections are complete, your treatment-provider may gently massage the treatment area(s) to make sure that the dispersion and placement is correct, and you may be given some ice to help prevent any swelling or bruising.

7. Your treatment provider will review with you any after-care instructions regarding what to expect / do for the future.

8. Enjoy your results!

Depending on which treatment you decide upon, there will be varying amounts of recommended time that needs to pass before you can fully assess your results. (For example, Botox and Dysport can take a full 14-days to fully kick-in, whereas Kybella requires about 6x-8x weeks before results manifest.) At the appropriate time-point for you, if your treatment-provider has not yet followed-up with you, please feel comfortable to call and ask any questions you may have.