Gravity Defying Acne Treatment for Body

No ACNE on this beach bod!Acne is NEVER fun, but at least when it?s your face you?re dealing with ? you have a million acne-fighting options available. As readily accessible as your local grocery-store, there are countless creams, lotions, potions and powders that promise to help clear your face.

?But? what about when your break-outs aren?t contained to just your face, and begin to make pop-up appearances on your shoulders, back, and chest? During the summer? Wearing a bathing suit can be anxiety-inducing enough without having the additional self-consciousness about any possible back-ne or chest break-outs.

Aside from soaps and cleansers that are specifically designed for the body ? there really aren?t other every-day treatment options for dealing with body acne. (It is important to note that the skin on your face is drastically different than the skin on your body. Your very favorite skin-care products that keep your face crystal clear may prove ineffective when used on your body.)

In addition to not having access to many body-clearing treatment options ? just applying acne products to your various body parts can be problematic. Unless you?re a contortionist, it can be very difficult to get the acne product where you need it, whenever you need it. ?

Instead of wasting your face products on your body, contorting yourself into a human pretzel in an attempt to apply products to your back-ne, or giving up entirely, please meet the newest addition to the Porification acne-fighting family: gravity-defying Body Clearing Spray.

Ergonomically designed to be used upside-down, sideways, or plain ol? right-side up, the new Porification Body Clearing Spray is a way that YOU can treat your stubborn skin in even the hardest-to-reach places. Prescription-strength Glycolic and Salicylic Acids are combined to provide your skin the pore-cleansing power-wash it needs to stay clean and clear. Green Tea and Witch Hazel are also included to prevent over-drying, and keep irritated skin as soothed as possible.

With just a quick spray (as needed), you can easily control where your body-clearing product goes, and you can finally make sure that your pores are unclogged anywhere on your body. With Porification Body Clearing Spray ($19.99 for 3 fl. oz.) you can feel your most confident this summer in your tank-tops and bathing suits ? because finally there is a acne product for your body that is easy to use — that works. ?(For skin-clearing maximum results, use in conjunction with Porification Body Wash. If you will be outdoors for an extended amount of time, sun protection should always be used.)