Gwyneth Paltrow talks painful beauty

Philadelphia Thermage Gwyneth Paltrow

They say “beauty is pain”, and Gwyneth Paltrow is very beautiful…

According to a recent story from E! online, while she might not like the feeling of Thermage skin-tightening treatments, she finds the results well worth it.

You might associate a facial treatment with a calming, luxurious day at the spa. But that’s not the case for Gwynnie…

The seemingly ageless 41-year-old attributes her flawless skin to a pretty painful routine. And while Gwyneth has never had any plastic surgery, she admits she’s definitely experienced pain in the name of beauty.

The actress told Hello! magazine that she loves the effective but not-so-pleasant Thermage laser treatment. “It’s non-invasive but it’s quite painful, like having your face smacked with a rubber band that has an electric shock in it. But it works.”

The Thermage treatment is also commonly known as the “face-ironing treatment.” Yikes. Sound painful enough for you? But there’s a?reason why stars like Gwyneth keep coming back for more.?The treatment boosts collagen levels in the skin’s lower layers, creating a tightening effect to the top layer.

So now you know the secret to Gwyneth’s enviable glow: She’s got a really high pain threshold!

But even if you’re up for the pain, Thermage laser treatments will cost you. A half-face treatment costs around $3,900, while a full-face treatment comes with the hefty price tag of $5,240.

* About Face side-note: Yes, Thermage treatments are expensive. However, Gwyneth likely goes to the most high-end office in LA or New York for her Thermage treatments, where normal prices are likely quadrupled. In our Philadelphia office, half-face Thermage treatments are $1,800, and full-face Thermage treatments are $2,300. Additionally, we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve for making the process as comfortable as possible while still attaining the best results.

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