High-brow / low-brow: Jenna Elfman


It is ALWAYS amazing what a huge difference eyebrows make on a person’s face. (They do say that eyes are the “window to the soul”, so it would make sense that the frames to those windows would be important.)

This is the first of a future on-going project where our resident eye-brow maestro Raelle compares and contrasts eyebrow highs and lows, using celebrities as inspiration. Despite their fame and access to all sorts of beauty “expertise”, the pictures cannot hide the evidence: celebrities are as guilty as committing eyebrow sins as any of us normal folk.?

To begin with, behold Jenna Elfman:

high brow low brow jenna elfman

A striking blonde actress with enviable blue eyes (they look almost turqouise?!) it is hard to believe that the same eyebrow could even be contorted into these two drastically different shapes.

Her “low-brow” picture depicts Jenna with an unfortunately over-plucked, highly-arched brow. They do not look organic to her face, and they certainly don’t look flattering. (Plus, can’t even imagine the upkeep needed to maintain this precise of an arch.)?

Is she still pretty despite the tragic brows? YES!?

BUT: the super-thin, over-plucked brow makes her look signifigantly older, and somehow… mean??

The fuller, more natural looking brow contributes to a much more youthful vibe, emphasizes her gorgeous eyes, and makes her appear more friendly and welcoming. (Is it possible that just a different eyebrow style can almost her look like Julianne Hough?) It is fortunate that the current eyebrow trend is leaning towards a natural, yet groomed, style.

Her “high brow” look seems to follow the natural shape of her brow, with only minimal maintennance needed — and a light touch of brow-pencil to keep them polished looking for special events.

As with almost everything regarding your appearance, you look your best when you work with (and accept) what you’ve got instead of forcing your hair / eyebrows / body / whatever, into doing something it’s simply not meant to.?