High-brow / low-brow: The Big Brow Theory

Low Brow

Not so much a theory as a known fact: comma shaped eyebrows are never flattering.

Eyebrows are supposed to compliment and frame your eyes. Commas are intended to separate ideas in writing. The two should never mix, and are not interchangeable. Period. (teehee)

Unfortunately, comma-shaped eyebrows are a common, unflattering occurrence.?comma eyebrows

Thick, bushy front?s that drastically taper into thin, thin arches, is a huge eyebrow DON?T. The result is an eyebrow that looks completely unproportional, and negatively impacts the face?s entire look. Aside from making the wearer look constantly surprised, the thinness of the arch in contrast to the full front creates an aged appearance. Subconsciously, it is assumed that the woman is older (than she is), and dealing with thinning, or gray/white colored brows. Thick brows are a sign of youthful vitality, and the opposite is also true.

kaley cuoco brows

High Brow

?Luckily, Kaley?s Cuoco?s brows have come a long way. With a brow that is now aligned to the bridge of her nose, the arch is perfectly placed above the outer-side of the iris, and has a perfect, gradual taper to it. This natural, yet groomed shape is absolutely flattering to her face. (And seriously, how BEAUTIFUL are her eyes?!) Bazinga! ?

Kaley Cuoco brows