How to Banish Dry, Scaly Winter Skin

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The five top local treatments and fixes for total skin rehydration.

We?re barely two weeks into our new normal ? freezing, winter-like temps ? and already we?re noticing the telltale signs of cold weather: dry, flaky, scaly skin. While lotions and moisturizers can help, sometimes you need to bring in the big guns and hie yourself to a spa and the hands of a seasoned skin pro.

We?ve sleuthed out five of Philly?s best treatments for winter?s dry skin, all of which will?bring some life and moisture into even the dullest, flakiest skin.?Get one now before winter really wreaks its havoc, and you?ll be dewy ?til spring. (Or at least until it snows.)?

Full-Spectrum Facial, $200?// Rescue Spa, Rittenhouse
During this 90-minute tailored-to-you pampering session, your face, neck and shoulders?will be massaged, de-gunked, and re-hydrated to glowing perfection. West Coast transplant Ashley Span cleans, steams and?wraps?your face in hot towels, before giving you an exfoliating microdermabrasion to slough away dead layers. Up next: a Biolift plumping treatment which activates collagen (think: tighter, tauter, skin), followed by an LED light therapy treatment for color correction. Then, your face is slathered in serums to send a?much-needed drink deep into your skin for moisture that lasts. (It?s been three days since my full-spectrum facial, and my skin still feels brand-new.)

Body Bee Enlightened Wrap, $135 // Eviama Life Spa, Market East
If you?re noticing dry patches on the body that only just popped up with the cold weather, treat yourself to a 65-minute pampering session. First, you?re dry-brushed from head to toe, which promotes?blood circulation below the skin and flakes?off dead skin. Then, you?re covered in warm compresses with bath essences of rose and almond (um, relaxation much?), and covered in body oils infused with honey. You?re then wrapped in a warm sheet to help set the oils deep into the skin, where ? guaranteed ? you?ll fall into a delicious, deep sleep.

Porification Facial,?$110 //?About Face,?Market East
For an ultra-personalized facial, see medical esthetician Raelle Levicke, who’s one of the smartest and sweetest women we know (and one of the few people who can break down complicated medical speak for us). Though each treatment is catered to you, if you’re experiencing dry, dehydrated skin, expect a light chemical peel (which lifts off all the dead skin that’s dulling things up), and products with hyaluronic acid in them, an ingredient that’s key for re-hydrating and plumping up tired skin.

KeraPure Hydration, $15 add-on?// Eden Day Spa, Collegeville
Hands and feet are often the first body parts to suffer from?dryness. Your best bet: Head to Eden Day Spa (our 2015?reader’s choice pick for?Best of Philly) and tack on the?keratin treatment to your?mani or pedi. The service includes?a healthy slathering of?keratin oils and a hot towel wrap. Heavy?moisture is?massaged into your skin in a muscle-melting session before your nails are polished to perfection.

Hydra facial?MD,?$195 for 30 minutes?//?Rittenhouse Spa, Rittenhouse
This resurfacing treatment uses hydradermabrasion to clear off the dull, dead layer of skin that’s trapping in dryness. (It?s basically like power-washing your face, but much gentler.) This is great for cell turnover, which in turn, allows all of your lotions and serums to?penetrate as far into your?newly refreshed skin as possible.

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