July 2019: Product of the Month

I’m like Goldilocks when it comes to sunscreen: I’ll try everything, but this one has a smell I don’t like, that one makes my skin looks oily, the other one stings when I put on, and that one has a tint that clashes with my skin…

We only get ONE body, and I’m all about protecting the one I’ve got for as long as possible. Plus, with my Irish skin and Melasma, sunscreen EVERYDAY is non-negotiable.

But, it can be hard to find the unicorn of sunscreens…

Over the years I have probably gone through hundreds on sunscreens trying to find the ONE. It took a lot of trial and error, but at long last, I found a sunscreen that always works for me.


SkinCeuticals Physical Defense (Fusion) is like the perfect, light-weight BB-cream — that happens to be an SPF-50. The “Fusion” has a universal tint that blends with MOST skin types when rubbed in. (This is the version I prefer because the light-tint leaves a nice finish on my skin, and works great as a makeup primer.)

(For super, super pale people, you may prefer the “Sheer” version.)

Neither the Fusion nor the Sheer versions will:
* Sting
* Smell weird
* Make my skin look or feel oily / greasy
* Look weird in pictures
* Affect my makeup application
* Make me breakout

In my bathroon I have a basket dedicated to rejected sunscreens, and occasionally I’ll still give a new sunscreen a chance… In the end, none of them ever surpass the SkinCeuticals Fusion.

Pro Tip: This sunscreen is pre-emulsified, so to get it to the perfect consistency, you need to shake it up like a bottle of nail-polish. (You’ll hear the mixing-beads when you shake up the bottle!)

Great News! For month of July, you can enjoy 20% off your purchase of either the Fusion or Sheer sunscreen. (Promo only available over the phone or in-office.)