Morpheus8 Aftercare Instructions

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After your Morpheus8 treatment, you should do the following things:

Face Cleaning: Clean your face with a soothing cleanser or warm water, then lightly pat dry until treated skin heals. When touching the area to be treated, always make sure your hands are clean.

Hydrate: Use a mild moisturizer or healing ointment on the area to be treated until the skin is healed.

Makeup: Makeup can be applied two days after treatment. (Clean the makeup brush before use.)

Pillowcases: After your Morpheus8 treatment, your face is essentially covered in teeny-tiny wounds. To prevent any sort of bacteria from reaching those areas, please make sure to sleep with a clean pillowcase post-treatment.

Protect: Twenty-four hours after your Morpheus8 treatment, you should use a mineral-based SPF-30 broad-spectrum UVA / UVB sunscreen. Use physical sunscreen (zinc/titanium dioxide) daily.

Reapply often: In addition to decreasing the risk of skin cancer in the future, sunscreen can also reduce wrinkles and delay the aging process.

What to Avoid:

To guarantee the fastest, most comfortable healing from your Morpheus8 treatment, be sure to observe the following:

  • Avoid anything potentially irritating, such as alpha-hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, vitamin C (low pH prescription), and retinol (vitamin A), or skincare products for at least 48-hours after treatment.
  • Avoid direct and deliberate sunlight exposure for at least 24-hours.
  • Do not swim in salt or chlorinated water for at least 24-hours after treatment.
  • No exercise or vigorous activity in the first 24-hours after treatment. (Sweating and the gym environment are dangerous; bacteria can spread and cause side effects.)
  • No makeup for 48-hours post treatment

What to expect:

Morpheus 8 is a non-invasive treatment, so there is not extended downtime or recovery time. Most people can resume work and normal activities the day after treatment although you may notice redness or irritation for up to a week.

Swelling can occur, but it should resolve quickly. Your provider can recommend several ways to feel comfortable during recovery from Morpheus 8, such as moisturizing and broad-spectrum sunscreens.

As the skin heals over the next 3-4 weeks, you should start to see your results manifest. The best results are usually obtained after 3-4 treatments, at intervals between each treatment once a week. You provider will tell you the number of treatments recommended to achieve your beauty goals, however on average most people need three sessions for maximum effect.

When you’ll see Morpheus8 results

It is recommended to have three sessions of Morpheus8 at least 4-6 weeks apart to see the full effect. (Your Morpheus8 results will continue to progress for up to 3 months after treatment.)