Philadelphia Beauty Experts Share Their Winter Must-Haves

Philadelphia Sente SkinCare

Swapping out your summer wardrobe for cold weather necessities isn’t the only change you should be making. Here, we ask local beauty professionals to talk about their go-to products for the winter ahead.

Apply an Invigorating Leave-in Conditioner

Paul Labrecque Repair Hair Styling Lotion

?Paul Labrecque Repair Style is a leave-in conditioner that is rich in aloe vera, which hydrates the hair and eliminates static electricity from wool sweaters and other winter clothing. The signature product for radiant and healthy hair also acts as a smoothing agent when hair is blown dry.? ?Paul Labrecque, celebrity stylist at Hair by Paul Labrecque

Reverse Damaging with a Daytime & Nighttime Routine

Guinot Time Logic Serum and Cellulaire

?This is the season to get your skin ready for the winter from all that sun exposure, drinking, and non-healthy [eating]. In the evening, it’s best to use a serum like Guinot Time Logic Serum for your face and neck?it’s a nighttime repair for daytime beauty by stimulating the skin’s cellular energy. In the morning, always use an antioxidant first, then a moisturizer like Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire?it has an overall effect to reverse the process of cellular aging.? ?Yelena Sorkin, esthetician at Oggi Salon & Spa

Prevent Your Strands From Overdrying with a Reparative Oil

Shu Uemura's Essence Absolue

“For the harsh winter season, I recommend Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue. This product is a nourishing, protective, and lightweight oil that also comes in a cream. It’s infused with rich camellia oil to help protect hair fibers against dryness, frizziness, and UV damage. With this product, your hair is left more manageable, shiny without being greasy, and velvety to the touch, not to mention the aroma is to die for. You can use it before shampooing as a treatment or as a leave-in product.” ?Maria Norman-Gallagher, owner of Salon Thalia

Invest in a Multi-Purpose Product that Does it All

Dermal Repair Complex Cream by Sente

Dermal Repair Complex by Sent? is your white unicorn of skincare products. This one product truly does it all: anti-aging, hydrating, calming, brightening, and restoring. It should be the first thing applied to your skin after washing (morning and night) and allows any products you use on top of it whether it’s sunscreen, Retinol, or even makeup, to penetrate the skin more thoroughly, and ultimately work better. This treatment is especially nice during the winter because it protects the skin against the drying effects of cold wind and indoor heat, while providing profound hydration and revitalizing the overall appearance of the skin. It’s extremely lightweight and noncomedogenic, so it won’t make you break out or cause the skin to look shiny. In fact, for all of the good it’s doing your skin, you can barely even feel it.” ?Becky Fenlin, practice coordinator at About Face Skincare

Double Up on the Moisturizer

Valmont Prime Regenera II

“It’s so important to protect your skin in this harsh, cold weather. My favorite moisturizer is the Valmont Prime Regenera II. This ultra-rich nutritious cream was formulated to [battle] skin dryness with its repairing and healing properties. It’s recommended for severe weather conditions, perfect when on the slopes skiing, or whenever you?re spending time outside.” ?Danuta Mieloch, owner of Rescue Spa

Take Special Care When Dealing with Sensitive Skin

Epicuren Sooth Dermal Repair Balm

?[The Epicuren Soothe Dermal Repair Balm] is my favorite moisturizer, especially in the winter. You can feel your skin drink in the moisture it provides.? ?Jennifer Aarons, director of spa operations at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

By Jessica Green | October 29, 2015 | Style & Beauty for Philadelphia Style Magazine