Philadelphia Magazine 2016 “Best of” List

As compulsive Philadelphia Magazine stalkers readers, it is the biggest compliment EVER to know that they like us too! (Seriously! If you ever have the pleasure of meeting anyone that works there, you will be amazed that such smart, insanely talented, creative people can all be so sweet, personable, and down-to-earth. Their writing isn’t too bad either… :)? )

Although most people assume that “About Face Skin Care” only deals with only faces (which to be fair, is a primary focus for most) we believe that ALL parts of your body deserve some TLC.

Aside from your face, your hands endure the most abuse; sun exposure, repeat washing with harsh soaps, etc, and (more often than not) your poor hands don’t receive any of the attention that you devote to your face. (Hands need sunscreen and moisturizer everyday, too!) Aside from environmental damage, your hands also experience the same aging process as your face. Loss of volume, texture-changes, and discoloration can make your hands appear much older than you are.

Fortunately, as new beautifying treatments are created daily, your hands also reap the benefit. Laser-treatments that zap away sun-damage, filler injections that plump the skin, and resurfacing treatments that improve the texture can all be used to give your hands a face-lift. (This is actually a growing-trend for women who are looking to improve their engagement ring “selfies!) ?


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Radiesse is FDA-approved to restore volume to the hands. Results last approximately 2-years.
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BBL Laser treatments clear away any present sun-damage and brown-spots.

We are forever grateful to Philadelphia Magazine (not pandering, just unabashed honesty) for recognizing both us, and the beauty options available to our two most important appendages.


(Hashtag “grateful” is SO basic, but it would really be applicable here.)

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