Pumpkin Spice Facial

Hello, Gourd-geous!
Pumpkin has a ton of beauty benefits (more on this below!),and with that in mind we are proud to re-introduce our nod to pumpkin-dom: the Pumpkin Spice Facial. 

The Pumpkin Spice Facial includes all of your favorite pampering aspects; massage, extractions, etc., and is finished off with a universally benefical Pumpkin Peel that will leave your skin glowing (and smelling delicious).

Jack O’ Lanterns have good cause to smile.
Pumpkins are naturally loaded with all kinds of powerful, beautifying antioxidants and enzymes; allegedly containing over 100 beneficial nutrients!

Among those good-for-your-skin elements?

Vitamin A, Beta Crypthoxanthin, Beta and Alpha Carotenes, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. (Not sure what those antioxidants are? Don’t worry about it, all you need to know is that they are great for your skin!)

Not just desserts?
In addition to all those intrinsic pumpkin antioxidants, our Pumpkin Facial also has Alpha-Hydroxy and Salicylic Acid components, so while your face smells good enough to eat — your skin is actually getting a deep, thorough exfoliation.

Afterwards, skin will look brighter, feel smoother, and be better prepared for the seasonal changes still coming.

Hungry for more?
This zero-calorie delight will satiate even the most hard-core pumpkin fans, and your skin will look extra radiant for all upcoming holiday celebrations. It is easy to incorporate this pumpkin treat into one of our already decadent facial treatments.

Schedule yours today to look / feel / smell absolutely gourd-geous.