Q+A with our new Los Angeles Injector

Get to know our newest (quintessential California-girl / injection-genuis) team-member.


Hi Kellie! Welcome to Philadelphia!

1. It must be quite a change to work in Philly after Beverly Hills, but to begin with, what’s your favorite part in general about working in the aesthetics industry? 

I. Love. My. Job. It is such a joy to be able to empower others by increasing their sense of confidence, and I love the artistic /aesthetic challenge that each person presents for me.

Blending medicine and art is my passion. No person or face are ever the same, so this is the best combination for me — I get to make other people happy, while satisfying the creative outlet and challenges my own soul needs to be satisfied.  I know it sounds cheesy, but treating patients doesn’t feel like “work” because I enjoy it so much.

Being an injectable-trainer is also very fulfilling because I learn more and more about the treatments, products, and personal interactions as I see how other injectors absorb and process the training information. Additionally, teaching about injections forces me to always strive for more advanced-education for myself so that I can always be confident in the knowledge that I am sharing to my professional peers, and my patients.

2. What is your favorite treatment to do, and why? 

I absolutely love injecting dermal-filler. For the same reason patients love it, I love it — with filler you get immediate gratification, and I live for the happiness patients get when they see their results. (Their happiness is everything!)  I also love the artistry filler-injections allow me, any type of injectable treatment presents a creative opportunity to create a safe, effective, flattering way to help others attain their beauty goals.
3. Be honest, when (you’re not at work and) you look at people — are you just imagining what you can do to them in your head?

Honestly, it depends on the person. If I randomly meet someone who has an extreme-situation that could be corrected with injections — I kind of can’t help but to (secretly) muse over the options I’d pursue if they were my patient.

It also depends on what products are top-of-mind. When Kybella or Voluma were first launched, and everyone was going crazy over them, I couldn’t help myself but to gauge everyone’s jaw-line and cheek-curvature.

Normally though? If I’m out-and-about meeting new people, as long as there aren’t any physical extremes staring back at me — I just take the person as they are and leave my injecting-thoughts on the back-burner.

4. When you look at Kylie Jenner, you think….?

…. If she is happy, than I’m happy for her. Each person has their own individual look they want to achieve, and she seems like she is fully owning and loving hers.

5. Lips are obviously the current injection-obsession. Any predictions about what injection trend may be next? 

Personally, I think that lips will always be popular, which is fine by me because that’s one of my favorite injections to do.

However, I also think we are only at the tip of the iceberg in learning what Kybella injections can accomplish. In addition to improving someone’s overall facial-appearance by slimming the jaw-line and eliminating a double-chin, it’s exciting to hear whispers about the additional applications of a fat-melting / skin-tightening injectable…

6. What was the craziest / funniest story that happened to you in celeb-populated LA?

I don’t kiss — or inject — and tell. 🙂

7. Are there big differences between Philadelphia aesthetics and Los Angeles?

Yes and no.

In LA, it’s a given that everyone is doing something, and out there people talk about Botox and Juvederm in the same breath they mention Yoga and daycare.

In Philadelphia however, even though almost everyone is doing something, it’s much more hush-hush and secretive.

Ironically though, despite Philadelphia being a more conservative city when it comes to everyday aesthetic conversations —  the desired results are the same on both coasts. (Despite what you might think, the majority of people in both cities truly want natural-looking, flattering improvements.)
8. What is the #1 thing you miss the most about California? 

Rollerblading and playing volleyball at the beach! (It’s like this answer was written by the Californian tourism committee, but it’s true!)


9. What was the most amount of product you went through on your craziest LA day? 

A group of women flew in from Dubai, just for their aesthetic treatments! It was a whirlwind of a day, we started at 6am and finished at 11pm. When all was said and done, we had gone through about 30 syringes of Voluma, 50 syringes of Juvederm, and 20 vials of Botox, and everyone also had laser treatments! Crazy, crazy day, and I loved every minute of it!
10. What were your initial thoughts about Philadelphia? Has your impression changed since you’ve been here? 

At first I was intimidated to move here — I thought that people would be more reserved and harder to get to know here versus California — but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! The Philadelphians I’ve met so far have all been extremely warm and welcoming.

I also love all of the history surrounding this city, and while I’m still new to Philly I feel like almost like a tourist — I’ve been trying to take advantage of all of the museums and major sight-seeing spots.

11. Describe your dream day. 

I wake-up early, work out, do something outdoors with friends, and then maybe go to a museum or explore a new part of the East Coast!  (I’m dying to check-out New England, and next on my travel-list is Maple Syrup Tasting and hiking in Vermont.

12. Favorite LA food?

Sushi from Katana and Mastro’s butter-cake in Beverly Hills.

13. Favorite Philly food?

Ohhh, that might be the hardest question here? Pat’s cheese-steaks are obviously great, but I also really loved all of the food at Zahav!

14. You’re stranded on a desert island. What 3x things (beauty or otherwise) do you HAVE to take with you? 

A lifetime supple of AquaHydrate water — the body must be hydrated to be beautiful! Mascara and SPF-50 sunscreen are also must-haves.

15. Describe your aesthetic in 3 words:

Natural, artful, beautiful.

16. If you won the gazillion dollar lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

I would start a program to fund underrepresented populations gain health-care and education. I would also buy my parents a house, of course!

17. Cats or dogs? (Sprout wants to know.) 

Dogs, of course! My family owns 2 rescue dogs and I plan on adopting one of my own in the next year. 🙂